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Things I hope never to do before I die

Eat squid or snails or bugs

Go blind

Wear stilettos

"Misplace" another IUD

Become a victim of identity theft

Pierce any part of my body

Stop telling my husband I love him every day

Throw up in public

Develop an allergy to gluten

Catch an STD


Take up smoking

Learn to appreciate wine

Be stung by a scorpion

Change my behavior because someone might think I'm weird

Become a morning person

Get over my love for lists

Own a glue gun

Pass a kidney stone

Run out of things to read

Give up on my friends

Play The Sims

Shoot anything (except with a camera)

Become a Belieber

Get pregnant again


Get the plague, or cancer

Lose a child

Travel to India (I'm content to read about it)

Break a leg (or anything else for that matter)

Get mugged

Be burned in a fire

Read Fifty Shades of Grey

Go on a cruise

Run a marathon

Watch a horror movie or slasher flick

Campaign for political office

Stop laughing

Stop loving

Stop sharing

Stop caring
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