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Things I hope never to do before I die

Eat squid or snails or bugs

Go blind

Wear stilettos

"Misplace" another IUD

Become a victim of identity theft

Pierce any part of my body

Stop telling my husband I love him every day

Throw up in public

Develop an allergy to gluten

Catch an STD


Take up smoking

Learn to appreciate wine

Be stung by a scorpion

Change my behavior because someone might think I'm weird

Become a morning person

Get over my love for lists

Own a glue gun

Pass a kidney stone

Run out of things to read

Give up on my friends

Play The Sims

Shoot anything (except with a camera)

Become a Belieber

Get pregnant again


Get the plague, or cancer

Lose a child

Travel to India (I'm content to read about it)

Break a leg (or anything else for that matter)

Get mugged

Be burned in a fire

Read Fifty Shades of Grey

Go on a cruise

Run a marathon

Watch a horror movie or slasher flick

Campaign for political office

Stop laughing

Stop loving

Stop sharing

Stop caring
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music: Priscilla Ahn—A Good Day (Morning Song)


Ha! And what do you have against glue guns?!

hee! Just thought it was funny...and achievable!

Nice list Liz!
Although I have done some of the things on it...
And you are right, throwing up in public is not so fun. I was pregnant, we were in Canada on Granville Island as I remember.
I was quite good though, just like in a movie. Felt it coming on, and a few steps away there was a huge barrel doubling as a rubbish can. I made it just in time and very few people even noticed it had happened. I felt awful though. We bought our baguette and went back to our friend's house so I could lie down.

I've done it, too, and I hope it never happens again. It's bad enough throwing up at ALL.


I've done 9 1/2 of them already, and am working on another half. :-)


You've read Fifty Shades of Grey, haven't you?! Haha!

What was the half? Or was THAT the Fifty Shades of Grey?!


Good list, I agree with, except appreciating wine -that I have learned.


oops -for the above.... Love, Lizardmom

Ick! haha!

i read the next to last one as "stop shaving". :)

It would be NICE to stop shaving! :D

I read the same thing. I think Liz pulled a fast one on us with some kind of shape shifting text.

That's because you're so lamé!

I notice that the wearing of lamé or a bucket hat didn't make the list,. so I await these sartorial disasters with bated breath :-)

No glue gun? Is that because you secretly own a Bedazzler kit?

You haven't read Fifty Shades of Silly? You haven't missed anything. Even Dan Brown looks like a literary giant compared to the drivel this author hack churns out.

And even though you don't want to learn to appreciate wine, I bet you appreciate a good whine instead.

No, I haven't read it, and I never will. I never read Eat Pray Love either, and I did read DaVinci Code, but WISH I HADN'T. Drivel, indeed. People love their crap.

Sadly I did read all three books and wish I could unread them. And they were all bestsellers? The mind boggles...

From Megsie

I own TWO glue guns. They are there in the drawer, but hardly used. However, when needed, they are so nice to have handy! And, I haven't read the 50 Shades either. I can't make myself, even though I know most of my students probably have attempted THIS book. I just can't. But I guess I do love my crap because I love Dan Brown and I love Elizabeth Gilbert too! I haven't read Dan Brown in years. I guess I should see if there are more books from him. He is a great vacation.

Great list! I second most of it, but do have pierced ears, and would love to go to India (mainly to see where my grandmother was born and spent her childhood). I also come from a hunting family, so there's that...

I bet you make great pew-pew-pew noises!

Oh, no, we can never be friends in real life. I already own a glue gun, and I bought my first ever stilettos last year! :-) I'm with you on a lot of the other things, though, lists in particular!!
Your daily entries are really keeping me entertained.

What you have on your anti-bucket list doesn't preclude friendship. See, if I ever need a glue gun, I can BORROW one from you and never have to buy one myself! Win-win!

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