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Oops, I missed a day.

How did I manage that?? I honestly have no idea. I was doing so well!!

When I'm wasting time, which seems to happen much more frequently now than ever before, it's by playing games on the iPad. Sometimes the kids play with me. In the mornings, if Martin is getting ready at the same time I am, he always plays the daily Seven Little Words and Red Herring with me. Sometimes, if it's just a couple of us at the dinner table, we'll put the iPad between us an play Logo Quiz or Iconic or some other word puzzle game.

I don't know if you've played Iconic, but it's a sort of word rebus game. It shows one or two symbols and gives you a category that you have to then figure out from the 20 letters you are given. For example, it might show a pictogram of a wineglass in a house and give the category people, and the answer would be Amy Winehouse. Or a little cop car and the category music. Answer: The Police.

Last week, Martin and I were playing Iconic at the table and Anders was watching. We came to this one:

After staring at it for a few minutes, and messing about with the letters, Martin said "Towncar!" and put the letters in.

But then we couldn't figure out what the first name was. I said, "Adamam?"... And Martin said, "Abdullah!" But then we couldn't get the letters to work. We stared at it for a very, very long time.

And then Anders said, " Lincoln."

And then Anders said, "Well, a Towncar IS a Lincoln."

We're STILL laughing about it.

Today, I was playing a Word Search game. The category was Dinosaurs.

Both of us were zipping our fingers over the board, finding the names and I commented that I had never heard of half of the dinosaurs on the list.

"Martin," I said, "Google these dinosaurs. I've never heard of them. Look up gallimimus. And compy."

So, he did, and showed me their images from Google. "Look up cionodon and rhabdodon, too." So, he did.

And then, I said, "Look up trex. I've never heard of a trex."

And he stopped and turned, and looked at me, and said, "Seriously, mother?"

And I looked at him and totally didn't get it for a minute.

"OH!" I said. T-REX. Drrrr.

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I would never have guessed Abraham Lincoln, but as an American you should hang your head in shame that a Swede saw what you missed :-)

I suspect that I'd be far better at Word Search than at Iconic as I'm better with words than pictures and I was always quite good at "word search" puzzles in magazines when I was younger.

As for trex..... oh, plesiosaur! :-)

I know, it was Juras-sick!

You are dino-mite!

That was Pteroble.

Dinosaur puns are hard and I'm out of practice. But I see that you have some r-exellent puns :-)

LOL -- thanks for the uplift!

From Megsie

Catching up.... I just have to say trex. HA!

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