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Things we talked about at Bookworms tonight, in no particular order:
  • one woman's new house renovation issues
  • the same woman's new job
  • one woman's imminent baby (she's due in 2 weeks)
  • c-sections
  • one woman's return to book group after the birth of her baby 2.5 months ago
  • one woman's news that she is 17 weeks pregnant
  • smörgåstärtas
  • Kegels exercises
  • women's necks after 40
  • the fact that the image of yourself that you see in the mirror is actually reversed and not how everyone else sees YOU
  • podcasts
  • audiobooks
  • one woman's experience of running the NY marathon 2 weeks ago
  • security at marathons
  • life with only 1 bathroom
  • being attacked and/or killed by moose
  • running
  • hair length and breaking in new hair stylists
  • shopping for things to wear at a wedding
  • one woman's father's behavior at her wedding
  • going shoeless
  • The Hunger Games, Mockingjay and Philip Seymour Hoffman
  • The Moth, both the podcast and the book (which I just downloaded after it was recommended to me yesterday)
  • Orange is the New Black, both the show and the book, which we are reading next
  • Gone Girl, both the movie and the book, which we are reading after that
  • the book nominations list
  • Bronycon, My Little Ponies, Barbies and Furbies
  • circling things in toy catalogs when you were a kid
  • American Girl dolls
  • Nora Ephron
  • Nora Ephron's book, I Feel Bad About My Neck, which is what we actually read for THIS book group get-together
There was more but that's all I remember off the top of my head. I love book group. Usually we talk much more about the actual book, but everyone felt pretty much the same about this one (meh), and it turned out there wasn't that much to say after the initial comments.

Discussions are always better if there are a few people who dislike the book, I've found. If everyone really dislikes it, that makes for a fun conversation, too. But if everyone loved it, or everyone thought it was just okay...then we tend to spend more time jumping around to other topics.

We had a borderline too-big group this time (there were 10 of us), which meant that it was easier to keep everyone in the same conversation. Often, when we are more people, which is most of the time (there are over 20 people total and usually 12-15 at any given meeting), it's common that there end up being 2 or 3 small conversations going on, which makes it very hard to stay focused on anything anyone is saying.

Now I'm off to bed with my Kindle and a new highly recommended book of eclectic stories. Whee!
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A Book Club is just what you need - so glad you have a good one! Love, Lizardmom

it's a great one :)

This sounds like my sort of bookclub! Although I'd be avoiding discussing women's necks after 40....

You would love it! And it's kind of hard to avoid talking about women's necks after 40 when the book you are discussing is Nora Ephron's I Feel Bad About My Neck :P

From Megsie

I never finished I feel bad about my neck, it still sits waiting for me on my bed-side table. I used to go to book club before I started working, and then I had to give it up. I just don't have the time to read a book every month. Unfortunately. Now TODAY I am going to a book club meeting. I haven't read the 150 pages that are due, and I won't because GAH I have so much to do! (I shouldn't even be HERE, but I do this because it is the only thing I do for myself. I won't give it up.) So I read part of Flight Behavior a year ago? two? and then school started and it got left behind. I wonder if I will remember enough to actually be a part of the discussion. Also, I got roped into another 'book club' at work, but it isn't a fun book club, it is for professional development. It meets on Monday for the first time. And the book looks terrible. UGH!

Re: From Megsie

I say, don't bother. None of us thought it was that great, though a few parts were good.

I wish you had time for book group, I think it feeds the soul!

Also, I don't know how you could put Flight Behavior down. And not pick it right back up to find out what happens...that would make me crazy.

Wow, you (the conversation) were all over the place Liz. Kegels! Ha. At "book" group. All women I'm guessing.

I do envy you your book group, though I would want to be part of a smaller one, 6 to10. More manageable discussions on the books, etc.

Well, it IS the American WOMEN'S club... even though we do have several men who are members. :) I think 6-10 is more manageable too, but if you only have 6 members and several can't make it to a meeting, it makes it hard to keep it going. We always have great attendance :)

Yes, the balance between too many and not enough. Always a social challenge.

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