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I have nothing to write about right now. We spent a large part of the day cleaning house, because we have our Thanksgiving dinner party next weekend and Anders will be gone on all week and there's no time on the day to do anything but prepare food and get the tables ready. So the big cleaning has to happen this weekend.

I wrote a list of chores this morning and got everyone moving after lunch. I told the kids they had to pick at least 2 of the items on the list. Martin picked windexing and the toilets. Karin picked vacuuming and helping with the fishtank, and they both picked emptying garbages and taking out the recycleables because they always do those together. Anders started laundry and I continued it.

I washed dishes, dealt with the food garbage, picked up, cleaned the bathrooms including the completely disgusting, hair-filled well under the bathtub (ICK), dusted, filled the bird feeders, and started the fish tank. Anders mopped half the house, which: YAY!

Other than that, I've been reading and grocery shopping and we got chinese take-out for dinner and now we're trying to decide what movie to watch tonight. Martin has mentioned Good Will Hunting. I suggested The World According to Garp. Last night, we watched A Few Good Men, and I had wanted to watch The Hunt For Red October, so maybe I'll throw that one out there again.

The rest of the cleaning will get done tomorrow, plus I have a bunch of other online things to deal with. I hope you are having a lovely, productive, yet relaxing weekend, too!
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