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I hate typing on little keyboard screens on iPads and iPhones and Kindles. ARGH. It makes me crazy. I have to re-type everything a gazillion times because my stupid finger hit the wrong keys EVERY SINGLE TIME.

With touch-typing on a regular keyboard, I can backspace and retype without thinking about it, and nearly as fast. But on a stupid STUPID little tiny electronic virtual keyboard, it's just SO FREAKING ANNOYING.

I am really late getting to bed, so this is all the post I can manage today. Anders gets home tonight, but I don't know what time...I hope it's before I'm completely asleep.
mood: cranky
music: clickety keys


I can never type on them either.


From Megsie

THEY ARE ANNOYING! I use voice command a lot, because those teeny-tiny-keyboards are for mice or something...NOT ME. Anyway, good night! Sleep Tight! And Welcome home Anders!

I know! I get so mad sometimes and my fingers won't work! This is when texting on my old dinosaur of a phone, not a smart phone. When my daughter's want to have a phone conversation sized conversation via text. Arrghh!!

Short messages here and there I can handle fine on the touchscreen keyboard of my phone.. but longer messages or longer conversations (say on whatsapp) really do my head in and make me so frustrated grrr.

I hope Anders got home before you were off to lalaland and you got to say hello :)

One of the many reasons I don't want to get either a tablet or smart phone. I have enough trouble typing an SMS on my old dumb phone with proper buttons - a touch screen would send me more bonkers than I already am. And I just can't get it out of my head that you shouldn't touch the screen with your fingers. Yes, I know, I'm turning into my grandma.

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