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It's 3 o'clock and we're nearly ready. One turkey is done and the other two are being basted as I write this. The kids have done their share of picking up and cleaning. I need to go wipe down the bathrooms one more time, and when Karin's boyfriend arrives in an hour, she will put him to work with her setting the tables.

It's been a sunny day, for the most part, but it's going overcast now. We went to the store twice...once for more potatoes and tinfoil and once for candles, which I had thought I already had.

We have 23 people for dinner, only 1 will be missing (the oldest son of one family who has another party to go to), and that includes the family that was uncertain earlier in the week. No one has called to say they are sick. I am going to go sit down with a book and wait for the laundry to be done, and then Karin and I will light the candles at the last minute and turn on the music playlist.

This year, because we are a week earlier than usual, we don't have the advent lights or stars up, and there are no Christmas decorations in the house. We DO have the red and green tablecloths but that's because those are my only tablecloths big enough for the long tables.

I'm thrilled to be hosting this potluck for the 17th year in a row with my good friends and I'm thrilled to be heading to the States in 2 days to spend the actual Thanksgiving with my mom and my sister's family. It's only too bad I can't combine the two.

Bring on the turkeys!
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Go Liz!
To me, there is something special and magical about this holiday dedicated to being thankful to have food on the table and friends and family to gather around it with.

I will be co-hostessing a pretty small Thanksgiving this year, with Chava, at her house. Many of our would be guests are ending up out of town with family. Even my dear Jim, who now has a girlfriend and her family to keep in the loop. I'm losing him for Christmas this year too. :( but very happy for him, I might add. : )

It was lovely, but over too soon. I hope yours is fun as well but that's sad that your Jim won't be able to be there!

I love these traditions.
Jim will be with his sweetie Wendy and her mom. Maybe one of these years I can get all three of them to come to me. Who knows?
I do miss him at various events. I did have him last night at my pre-birthday dinner. Yay.

Have great Thanksgivings! I love hosting a big Thanksgiving but sadly do not do it anymore. My expat friends have mostly returned back to the US. Last year I did a Thanksgiving for Teenagers, where the kids invited lots of their buddies, and it was really nice.

That sounds like a lot of fun for your kids!

From Megsie

What a wonderful day you have planned, and are probably enjoying right now! I love Thanksgiving! I love that the only thing that needs to happen is FOOD. That is enough, thankyouverymuch! Once that is done, there IS time to play cards, or put a puzzle together. It is a lovely thing to sit back and contemplate the blessings of our lives and to put gratitude on the FRONT burner. And? You get to do it TWICE! Lucky!

Re: From Megsie

It's 10:30 SUnday morning and I am STILL full. I can't believe I'm going to get to do this again in just a few days! :D

I can smell that turkey from here! I wish that you'd invited us this year as I could have baked some of my Vegemite Scrolls :-)

I hope you all have a fabulous evening together - and of course at Thanksgiving in the States next week. I see this is your 17th dinner in Sweden, so does that mean it's been that long since you celebrated in the US? It should be a blast being there as everyone is keyed up and excited about the day and the atmosphere will be lovely.

We would have been thrilled to have you, and I would have liked to try your Vegemite Scrolls, even if they do sound toxic. :D

We have had 17 Thanksgivings here in Sweden and this will be my first home in the States in that long! Crazy!

Hopefully by now you are feeling quite replete with a delicious meal and lovely company!

(Three turkeys! *boggles at the logistics* Had to pull out this icon in recognition of the accomplishment -- it's nice to use it for a positive reason for a change!)

The turkeys here are tiny, though, don't forget. That's why we have to make 3 of them to feed our crowd. Your icon made me laugh!

Glad it was such a success! Whatever did happen the other evening when Karin's boyfriend came over for dinner? You must have found something to talk about since he came back. ;-)

Have am uneventful flight and s great time visiting in the US!

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