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It's 3 o'clock and we're nearly ready. One turkey is done and the other two are being basted as I write this. The kids have done their share of picking up and cleaning. I need to go wipe down the bathrooms one more time, and when Karin's boyfriend arrives in an hour, she will put him to work with her setting the tables.

It's been a sunny day, for the most part, but it's going overcast now. We went to the store twice...once for more potatoes and tinfoil and once for candles, which I had thought I already had.

We have 23 people for dinner, only 1 will be missing (the oldest son of one family who has another party to go to), and that includes the family that was uncertain earlier in the week. No one has called to say they are sick. I am going to go sit down with a book and wait for the laundry to be done, and then Karin and I will light the candles at the last minute and turn on the music playlist.

This year, because we are a week earlier than usual, we don't have the advent lights or stars up, and there are no Christmas decorations in the house. We DO have the red and green tablecloths but that's because those are my only tablecloths big enough for the long tables.

I'm thrilled to be hosting this potluck for the 17th year in a row with my good friends and I'm thrilled to be heading to the States in 2 days to spend the actual Thanksgiving with my mom and my sister's family. It's only too bad I can't combine the two.

Bring on the turkeys!
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