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Lund had only 18 hours of sunshine for the entire month of November. C'mon December, go go, you can do it!

So far, I've "wasted" an hour of work time surfing the web. Wonder if I can set a record. I wonder if there IS a record. Guiness, I'm coming for ya, baby!
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So far December is much better than November as far as sunshine is concerned. *laugh*

You likely have seen these site, but I thought the first one was great and the second has some fun photos in amongst the boring, only a family member would appreciate this pictures. *smile* Good luck on that record! *laugh*

I've seen the Stampington templates and have taken some for my own use (although still haven't had time to do anything with them, darn it!). That Stampington site is the best, isn't it?! :)

The other one cracked me up, especially since I spent a little too much time just yesterday looking at this site (be sure to check out the NOTES section: Found Magazine

lol, what a great site, thanks. I just sent Ibo the url for the breath stinks one. He always tells me that I won't get a morning kiss until after I brush my teeth. *laugh*

lustigt att se en bekant själ på en livejournal-väns sida.. tyckte om din bild, och märkte sedan att du bodde i lund. märkligt. min mamma kommer därifrån; själv kommer jag från arvika. bor nu i sarasota, florida, och har blivit brevvän med verian.
ska sova, men tack för en trevlig överraskning!

you're welcome. Actually, I just work in Lund. I live in Flyinge, but that's close enough.

It's only the 8th of December and already, I think we've had more sunshine this month than in the whole of November! And we don't even get sunrise until after 8 a.m. and it's down by 3 p.m. I keep telling ya, November is the positively WORST month in Sweden!

Yea it's been sunny since Saturday =)

Where'd you get that number? I'm dying to know how much sunshine Stockholm gets a month?

from a friend's blog who says she heard the TV weathermen reporting it recently.

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