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I've spent the day relaxing and packing, for the most part. Even after talking to my mom and sister a couple of days ago as well as a colleague in the States, I still have no idea exactly what to pack for the weather. The forecast for the Boston area as well as Hartford, CT, where my sister is, jumps around all over the place temperature-wise. From 11-12 Celsius to 19 (!) to 3-4 at the end of the week.
I don't want to fill up my suitcase with winter clothes, so I really hope that it doesn't snow while I am there, as I am not taking my winter coat, but just a lightweight jacket, and raincoat, plus mittens and a scarf. My mom is bringing an extra pair of boots for just-in-case, but if it gets really cold the second week I will be in trouble. I figure that since most of the time I will be either inside or in the car, I should be able to manage without really heavy winter-weather clothing. Keep your fingers crossed.

The taxi is booked for 9:30 a.m. to get me to the train on time. My flight is not until 1:30 but since I have to be there 2 hours before plus train time and some leeway, I won't get to sleep in much...and anyway, whenever I'm going to travel, I usually can't sleep the night before and wake up early with travel-butterflies in my stomach. I can already feel them starting.

It's funny...I like seeing new places but I don't actually like the traveling part. The part that gets you there. It's probably due to motion sickness and an exaggerated imagination of what could go wrong. I can't say it's gotten worse exactly, but I have to put myself in a sort of trance to get through it.

I just finished reading Mary Roach's book, Packing For Mars, about space exploration and what astronauts have to go through and I'm glad I only have to deal with planes, trains and automobiles.

We watched several episodes of Historieätarna (The History Eaters) today. The second season premiered last Monday and we managed somehow to miss the whole first season. It's a hoot and very educational in a fun and engaging way. It's a couple, two Swedish celebrities, who spend a week living and eating the same way the people of a given time period did. They cover upper, middle and lower class and provide a great deal of information about the state of affairs in Sweden during the era each week is set in. So far, we've watched the 70s, the 20s, Frihetstiden (1718-1722) and Romantiken (the Swedish Romantic period 1809-1844). Highly recommended!

This may be my last post for November, since tomorrow I'm traveling all day and then will be busy with family and holidays, so just in case, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and I'll be back as soon as I have a chance!
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Travel safely and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


From Megsie

Oh, LIZ! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! You are someone I am always VERY thankful for. And this year has been a bonus, with you writing everyday. I have thoroughly enjoyed every post. So, THANK YOU, for sharing your wonderful heart with the world...but especially with me. xoxoxo

Have a good trip and a lovely Thanksgiving!

Have a safe trip, Liz and a wonderful Thanksgiving with lizardmom and Big Seester :-)

I hadn't realised that "Historieätarna" had started again. I'll have to look at SVT Play. You do know that the series is a complete rip-off of the 2007 BBC series The Supersizers. I laugh when Swedes tell me how clever and innovative the program is, when they copy everything from the BBC program, right down to the fake duels and sword fights that Erik Haag does. The only interest for me is that it is about food in Sweden, although that didn't differ much from food in the UK at those times. All of the episodes of the BBC series are on You Tube if you are interested.

The "Historieätarna" Christmas special they did last year was really good - it covered Christmas in Sweden through the ages. So much for the notion of the current julbord being a centries old tradition that I must not alter - ha, ha! As I thought, it's very much a mid 20th century invention :-)

Hope all your travels are smooth today! I know exactly what you mean about travel-butterflies -- I always fret about connections, and lost luggage, and what the weather is going to do to the schedule. But I'm sure you will arrive safely, and have an absolutely lovely Turkey Day, State-side. Enjoy the family, and the nom-noms!

I so dislike the traveling part too, and especially now, these past several years, with all the hustle and bustle at the security gates.. take this off, take this out, put this back on, put this back in the bags..etc, It is extremely stressful for me. Add that to not sleeping well because you know, I may have forgotten to pack something important and maybe the alarm won't go off and did I remember to remove my tweezers (a weapon?) from the pocket of my backpack?. ... I wish I could skip over all that part and just get to the fun part of going somewhere.

Anyhow, you are over that part for now, until return time.
Have a great fun visit Liz.

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