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I bet you thought I'd NEVER get back! It actually felt like longer than 2 weeks away. Weird how time distorts. I had a lovely week of vacation at my sister's new (temporary) place in Connecticut, just hanging out and enjoying the American bounty of Thanksgiving and family. Sarah and Mom and I binge-watched the entire first half of Season 1 of Outlander while it snowed outside. We avoided the malls on Black Friday but ventured out Saturday and things were just as crowded. Eek!

Mom and I left Sunday for Boston and I had a good week working and good evenings shopping and eating and chatting with my mom. Did my best to bolster the American economy for sure, and now I have the majority of my Christmas shopping done, which is good because I suddenly feel like I am running very short on time! Got home mid-day yesterday and was SO glad be home. Nothing is as perfect as your own bed, your own shower, your own sofa, your own family and your own awesome husband cooking dinner.

But no rest for the weary: Today is Martin's birthday! Hip hip hurrah! My firstborn baby is ...gasp... SEVENTEEN today. Can you believe it? I cannot believe it. Happy happy happiest of birthdays to my wonderful son! He got his presents this morning, the cake is in the oven and family coming for dinner in a few hours.

Still to do, soonest: bake Christmas cookies, decorate, get a tree, decorate, write Christmas letter and cards, finish shopping, mail things. How am I going to get it all done in time?? I certainly won't get any help out of Martin, he's deep in his birthday present game.
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Welcome home:) And happy birthday to Martin!!

From Megsie

Your trip sounds Thanksgiving with the bounty and the family. Also, Christmas shopping DONE! WOOT FOR YOU! That is my biggest hurdle.

Happiest of birthdays to Martin! SEVENTEEN does not seem possible!

I missed you because you spoiled me in November! xooxo

Sounds like a wonderful trip and hopefully the jetlag isn't too bad so you have the energy for all that lies ahead. Crazy to think Martin is 17! Happy birthday!

Welcome back to the Christmas madness :-)

You sound like you've had a wonderful holiday, I just hope Anders recovers from the heart attack when he reads the VISA bill :-)

Happy birthday to your young man, Martin! Wow, where did those years go? 17? It doesn't seem possible.

OMG, Outlander! I am sort of afraid to watch, I loved the books so much.
Did they do a good job? Is it worth shattering my own images?

OMG, again. Martin, little Martin is already 17!?!!

Cookie Monster here! Wants cookies!

If no help arrives, take some of that stuff off your list! giggle Seriously.

I'm glad you had a good trip and happy that Martin had a good birthday! Nice to see you here, always.

Glad you had a good trip States-side, but oh, how lovely to be back in ones own bed after a while away. Especially at the holidays! I have faith that you will accomplish everything, because somehow you always do, and I always marvel at your doing so -- I will be running around at the last minute, getting things wrapped and kitchen goodies made. ;-)

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