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If you are American, you DO NOT NEED to capitalize every word of every sentence or bulletpoint. Please stop it. We are not German.

You DO NOT NEED to add 2 spaces after every period when you are typing. That went out with the typewriter. Stop it.

If you are walking somewhere, anywhere, DO NOT stop in the middle of passageways or doorways or anywhere where someone might want to get through or past you. MOVE OUT OF THE WAY.

If you are driving and turning, there is NO NEED to slow down to a complete STOP before you turn.

If you are driving on the highway, and are about to take an exit ramp, you DO NOT NEED to slow down BEFORE you get on the ramp. That is what the ramp IS FOR.

If you use the last of the toilet paper, CHANGE THE ROLL.

Also, there is rarely any need to REPLY ALL. Stop it.

This has been a public service announcement. Feel free to expand.
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I've never seen people capitalise every word in a sentence. I Promise Never To Do It After This :-) I admit to writing some Swedish words with capitals that ought not be (days of the week, months of the year etc) but that's just because it is habit as the word begins with a capital letter in English.

I've noticed that it is mostly Americans who use the two spaces after a full stop (sorry, I just can't bring myself to say period in this context - that's a monthly female thing in my world), so I wonder about the history of the practice. I'd never seen it before until I started reading on the internet - documents in Australia, even in the days of typewriters, had a single space after the full stop.

Not stop dead in the doorway? Where's the fun in that? Ha, ha! Actually that's something I loathe as well and I was greeted with it today. I should remember never to go to ICA on Pensioner's Tuesday.

Those driving peeves, plus a few more also make me twitch.

The toilet paper? You don't have the magic fairy in your house who changes the rolls? My kids would leave the last sheet or even half sheet, just so they could say it wasn't completely used up.

As bad as the REPLY ALL is the person who forwards that not even remotely funny email to EVERYONE in their address book.

My kids do the same thing. Makes me homicidal. Karin sometimes writes haha! on the empty roll

You could play her at her own game:

Why should kids have ALL the fun?

P.S. I also draw faces on the eggs in the fridge :-)

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