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The podcast interview is up! Chuck put it up late last night Seattle time, and I didn't see it until this morning at work where, of course, I didn't have time to listen to it.

If you would like to find out just how interesting I am, click here!

Note: the entire thing is just under an hour long, but I'm okay with you listening to it in pieces :P

If you prefer, you can download the app for SoundCloud and search for ChuckSigars and find it there.

Thanks, Chuck!
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From Megsie

I am in the midst of finals, and squeezing Christmas in, and kids activities as well...but I couldn't resist a chance to hear your voice! What a wonderful thing, to have you right here in the room with me as I grade papers!

I loved your conversation, and I may just listen to it AGAIN because I loved it so much. Can you believe that I have been pronouncing your daughter's name WRONG all these years? I have been thinking Car--in, not Karen...which is the spelling I am used to! So I have to revise THAT in my thinking.

Thank you so much for posting your cool interview. And thank you to Chuck for that wonderful conversation. I love to eavesdrop on other peoples conversations...and this one even had an invitation attached.

You kinda made my day! xoxoxo

Re: From Megsie

Car-in is how it's pronounced in Swedish. We have usually told people to just pick one pronunciation and stick with it. :) and you would be SO welcome if you ever come over!

What a bonus! Been away from reading LJ a couple of weeks. Just tidied up my kitchen while listening to your conversation. Nice to hear your voice!

thank you for listening! :)

It took me until now to find a quiet stretch of time where I could listen without interruption. You have a very infectious giggle :-)

I'm so with you on wanting the matter transfer machine! Beam me now :-) And snap on the written Swedish - I always get L-G to double check anything before I send it. And we had similar experiences with learning. I went to Medborgaskolan for a term which was expensive but fantastic and what a shock to go to SFI where no-one was interested in learning anything.

It was lovely to hear some of your background - wow, love at first sight with Anders. Having met him several times, I can see why and you certainly hit the jackpot.

Lots of fun to listen to a relaxed, private conversation. Many thanks to Chuck.

I can get people to laugh who are near me, just by laughing until they do. :) It's a superpower!

Have had no time to listen yet to how interesting you are Liz, or even to make cookies or get into the spirit of the holidays, but hopefully soon.

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