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I know, I know, using my blog to write to-do lists is the ULTIMATE in lame. And yet. Who else should I share the most important things in my life with? You think my husband and children give a rat's ass about my to-do list?

It's short. Or at least it is from this end, when I haven't actually started it yet.
  • Write Christmas cards
  • Buy stamps
  • Mail Christmas cards
  • Post online Christmas letter
  • Bake Christmas cookies
  • Check gift pile status...are the kids' presents balanced? If not, remedy
  • Clean the freaking house
  • Buy Christmas food, Swedish and American style
  • Work on my sister's Christmas present
  • Get the kids to finish decorating the little tree
  • Put the boxes back in the storage room
That's pretty short, right?

We are watching Lie To Me. Have you seen it? Martin saw the pilot some time ago and asked for it for Christmas, and I gave him season 1 for his birthday. ALL of us are watching it... unheard of! (though I think Karin might actually have been watching The Walking Dead on her iPad tonight instead). We've watched 6 episodes and I still can't decide if I like it or not. I've always thought Tim Roth was brilliant, but he's so... I don't know.

Martin had the same reaction. I said I thought the show was well-done and interesting, but half the time it just goes so completely over the top, I can't suspend my disbelief, and also I work for a company that makes surveillance cameras and ATTENTION TV PEOPLE, you cannot ENHANCE images to see what isn't actually there.

I think the premise of the show is fascinating: the science behind people's expressions, gestures and body language used as a tool for evidence about whether they are lying or not, in all kinds of situations. But it keeps straying in the realm of what? stop, seriously? Get out of here.

Martin thinks part of the problem is Tim Roth's character. He's another one of those loner, super-intellectual, more-intelligent-than-thou, kind of creepster arrogant, borderline asshole men. Martin ticked off several shows that we've watched (and liked) recently-ish that have the same kind of main character: Sherlock, Elementary (Sherlock again), Mad Men.

According to IMDB's trivia, Lie To Me ran for 3 seasons and was canceled in 2011 but is apparently being filmed now again for release in 2015. I have never heard of a show having a 4 year hiatus! What's up with that? Wikipedia says nothing about a new season so I find myself doubtful.

ANYWAY, (and just imagine how many items I might have been able to check off my to-do list instead of this!) it's interesting to realize how much you reveal about what you really think through your involuntary facial expressions, twitches, gestures, etc. Scary, really, because you might think you have a poker-player blank face but chances are that most people can pick up on what you're not even realizing you're putting down.

I don't think it takes a scientist to catch/see most of these kinds of things. I think the basic requirement is that you're human. We all make the same faces, the same expressions and react in universal emotional ways. I suspect it's more that we don't trust ourselves to believe what we see, especially when it doesn't jive with what we want to think. And I think most of the time people are simply not paying attention.

What do you think? And don't lie to me.

I saw that.
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