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Guess what? Only 362 shopping days until Christmas!

HAHAHA! Megsie, that was for you.

(sad part: how fast that will go)

We woke to a white Christmas, which made all of us very happy, especially since it was just a dusting. It was a very family-filled, present-filled, FOOD-filled week around these parts. We had Anders' mom over on the 23rd for her birthday. Anders made raclette. She'd never had it before and really enjoyed it, and we had, surprise, leftovers.

Märta spent the night as the next day was Julafton, the day that Swedes celebrate Christmas. Anders's sister and her family arrived just before Kalle Anka and we watched it dutifully, like the good Swedes we are, despite the fact that all the kids were not-so-surreptitiously on their phones instead of paying attention to the very Christmassy stylings of Lady & The Tramp and Donald Duck. Then Anders made julbord. (He had help from his mom and sister although one whole dish of fried herring dropped out of the bottom of a paper bag when I was carrying it in from the car the evening before and smashed to pieces on the driveway. Not to worry! Märta had made TWO dishes of it!) We had, surprise, leftovers.

On Christmas day, I woke up super-early, despite not having gone to bed until super-late the night before, and laid on the couch and looked at the tree, something my sister and I always used to do when we were young. Then Karin bounced out of bed and nagged us all into getting moving. We opened stockings and then, much to Karin's aggravation, got showered, dressed AND had breakfast before she was allowed to start dealing out presents. Everyone liked everything they got, which was gratifying all around, and the kids were very happy with their new Playstation 4 (we haven't seen them since). My friend Camilla and Karin's boyfriend came over for dinner. Anders made turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing and all the trimmings. We had... leftovers.

Camilla stayed late and we had a great time playing one-word-titled games. Uno, Smartass, Iota and Sorry! The kids didn't want to play Sorry! at first but then they got into and got very competitive. I miss playing games, it was super fun.

Yesterday, Karin invited two girlfriends to spend the night and Anders made hamburgers and french fries and onion rings...because he got a deep fryer for Christmas and had to try it out. Guess what? Leftovers!

The fridge is FULL of plastic containers of food. I estimate Anders won't have to cook ever again and we won't have to go to the grocery store for at least 2 weeks.

Today, we have done absolutely nothing so far. Karin's friends are still here (it's 3 o'clock), and they are all still in pajamas. Martin and I are going to see The Hobbit tonight, so it will be yet another late night but we will eat leftovers before we go.

Tomorrow is the AWC Glögg party and then the only thing between me and the end of vacation TEN days from now is New Year's Eve. Other than that I have NO obligations and my only plans involve a few projects (sssh, don't tell my family). Aaaaah, the life!
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From Megsie

My kids were gathered around when I burst out laughing at the beginning of your post. So, they had to peer over my shoulder to see what was so funny. Then I had to explain your OBSESSION with warning everyone how close Christmas is, even those of us who would like to live in denial.

They shrugged and left.

Your Christmas sounds just lovely. I love staying in my pajamas all day too. I wish I could do that today.

We will be exchanging gifts with Jeff's parents at the Nursing home this morning. AND I STILL HAVE TO GET MY DING DANG CARDS OUT. THEN, I can begin on my very long TO DO list that has to get done before January 9th. That is when I go back to school. Summer is so much better!

I told my kids they have a due date for Christmas Lists next year...NOVEMBER 1st. No list, no presents. We'll see if I can admit that Christmas is coming that early in the year.

So happy to see you in my inbox this morning! Oh, happy day! xoxo

Re: From Megsie

You're sending New Year's cards! Christmas cards are so...2014. haha!

Sounds like the good life! Your post makes me miss Jansoon's Frestelse so much. But I don't make it anymore, because I'd be the only one eating it. The closest to an American I've met, who enjoyed it, was a Japanese-American former co-worker. I was asked to bring it to a Christmas party, because someone had seen a foody traveling program with Jamie Oliver or something, and wanted to try it. But when it came right down to it, ppl either didn't dare, or had microscopic nibbles. But the partly Japanese co-worker chewed a healthy portion philosophically and answered the question of "how it was" with "it's only fish, man...nothing dangerous".

I like Janssons but not that much...I'd rather eat plain potatoes...although I've had them without the anchovies and liked them, too.

One of my sisters, Kathi, always knows how many days til Christmas, and lets the others of us know every month or two.

Good for you, Liz, having no obligations. We all need times like that.

We just added a dinner with friends to the calendar, but still, over a week left and only 2 things!

I've always enjoyed Boxing Day more than Christmas Day because it was so relaxing - just the immediate family lounging about in pyjamas all day, munching on leftovers - no expectations and no pressure. I wish all days could be as good.

A glögg party AFTER Christmas? Is that even legal? :-)

It's a tradition! It's the annual Post-Holiday Non-Stress Glögg fest! Perfect potluck opportunity for relaxing with good food and friends :)

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