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I never listen to the radio nowadays. I never listen to the more than 500 CDs we own, either. And since last year, the only tape player we own is a small boombox that is up on the top of a shelf... so I never listen to any of the mixed tapes that I made or received long ago, and haven't for years.

But I listen to music all the time. All day long at work and whenever I'm in the car. I've built a Spotify list with over 2000 songs on it and that's what I listen to. It's the best playlist in the world and it makes me happy every time I hit Shuffle-Play.

For Christmas, Anders gave me a stereo docking station that I can use with my iPad or iPhone. It has a built-in CD player as well, and he bought a little tape player to go with it. So now, I can listen to just about ANYTHING* at home, too. I'm playing a mixed tape right now, in fact. It's a tape I made in 1990. It's dated on the inside of the label: 2-24-1990. 4 years and a couple of months before I met him.

It, along with the majority of the music I have in my tape and CD collections, has lots of songs that aren't on my Spotify list. That doesn't mean they aren't good's just I don't put EVERYTHING on my playlist and lots of the music I have on vinyl, tape and CD isn't always available on Spotify, sadly. I confess, my playlist's primary purpose is to soothe me. It's not for dancing or exercise or cleaning house or anyone else. It's for running as a background soundtrack for my life.

For a few weeks of December, I switch to a Christmas playlist that I've also compiled on Spotify, but I tire of Christmas music fairly quickly. I never tire of my Spotify list. It says a lot about me, I suspect. It's a hint to the person I am, the level of energy I live at, the melodic rhythm that defines my pace.

Don't think I never listen to anything new, though...Spotify is great that way. Finding new artists that are recommended for me, based on my preferences is a snap. I add new stuff all the time. But sometimes it's really nice to listen to a set of music that defined a particular place and time in my life. A tape that holds a key to what I was enjoying, listening to, doing, years ago.

Even if I do have to get up and flip the tape at some point.

*Except vinyl. Our record LPs are still gathering dust, alas.
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Horrible horrible sound quality for songs, they lose data for backups, terrible picture resolution for video, they break, you can't jump directly to a particular location, you can't easily replace a part of it, and they're slow. Plus, did I mention horrible horrible sound quality? And the quality gets worse every time you play them.

My advice is to convert them to computer files or, better yet, find digital replacement songs online before they inevitably become unplayable. I'll bet you could re-create a lot of your mix tapes as Spotify playlists with a thousand times better sound quality.

Ick. Hate them. Horrible.


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