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How great my husband is

How great my kids are

How much I miss my family

What I do for a living

Why I write here

This wonderful world

Things I like

Things I dislike

Things I think about a lot

Funny things said in my hearing

Pictures from my past and what they mean to me

Books I'm reading

Stuff I have to get done

Friends and what they mean to me

All the things I'm looking forward to

Lists that are meaningless to anyone but me


Oh, wait... I'm already writing about all these things.

What do YOU think I should write about?
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From Megsie

Oooo! I love your list! I don't ever know what to write either. I may steal some of your ideas! Woot!


Just start at the top of that list- they are all ones I would enjoy reading -except maybe the last one! :0 Some of those will probably take more than one post! Love, Lizardmom

Lists, lists! Yay.
Write about all of it Liz.

Start with "Funny things said in my hearing" and " Pictures from my past and what they mean to me."

what to write about

write about my favorite thing. Me...

Re: what to write about

Funny, John.

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