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One more day of freedom and possibility. One more day to do whatever I want. One more day to fill up on relaxing, reading and lying about.

The trees are bare but for the lights. Anders is in charge of the lights, so I will nag him to do them tomorrow. All you have to do is look hard at the tree and needles shower to the floor. Several branches are completely bare where the pull to remove an ornament left only the stick in its wake. Sad trees.

The dining room table is COVERED in ornaments. It always take a couple of days both to put up and to take down Christmas. Tomorrow I'll fetch all the boxes from the storage room and start actually packing them, and after that I'll start collecting all the house decorations...they'll cover the dining room table, too. I like the routine of unpacking and packing. It's actually the only packing and unpacking we do these days, since we don't move around like I did as a child. We had our fill of packing and unpacking then, for sure.

It's fun to see the ornaments when they come out of their paper-stuffed boxes and to see them on the tree and to handle them carefully as we wrap them up to keep them safe for another year. All the memories they hold are precious or amusing (especially the ornaments that my mother has given my husband over the years: glass motorcycle, glittery cigar, shiny cognac bottle, wooden hockey player, and this year: a garish glitter-crusted glass pack of hotdogs. She knows him well, haha!)

Judging by that last photo, people know me pretty well, too. Haa! It was a merry Christmoose, obviously!
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We packed up our christmas decorations as well today. I love the christmooses! Ill have to remember next year to take some pics like this - it's fun!


How come I don't see a photo of those "special" ornament gifts that your husband has received!....oh wait, I remember now, you've threatened to not put them on the tree! :0 Love, Lizardmom

Haha, they were already mostly packed!

From Megsie

Today MUST have been the day! All of my ornaments are packed away and the very top of the tree is light-less. I am taking a break right now. I began listening to "Serial" while I was taking the ornaments off and now I am totally hooked! I wish my kids weren't around so I could listen while taking the lights off the tree as well!

I love your ornaments! So sparkly and pretty! You really did tease us mentioning Ander's ornaments and then NOT picturing them! The nerve!

Have a great last day of relaxation tomorrow!

Re: From Megsie

I know, sorry! They were already mostly year!

Show us the hot dogs!

Next year! You have to have something to look forward to, haha!

Ha, ha! Why am I not surprised by that last picture?

And I'm intrigued by lizardmom's comment and your description of Anders' ornaments - do show those ornaments or I might be imagining something along the lines of pipparkakor...

Our tree is staying up until Tjugondedag jul, but then ours is much more modest and it only went up on December 23rd, so I need another week of bling before it comes down.

You'll have to wait, they were already mostly packed 😀

Hurrah for the meese!

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