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Don't you just hate it when you want to be totally hedonistic and think about nothing except that all your input is coming through your skin, and your masseuse just won't SHUT THE FUCK UP?!


It seems that all the basketball teams here in Sweden must have 2 Americans on them (cuz, like, we ROCK at b-ball, apparently) and the team in Malmö only has 1 so they're on the hunt. They get paid somewhere between $5,000-$10,000 U.S. DOLLARS a month to play basketball in Sweden. Which seems like a pretty wide split on the paycheck. My response was "Sign me up!" No go: It's a men's league. I'm too short. I suck at basketball. Curses.

Anders leaves this afternoon for Italy, and won't be home until late Thursday. Just my luck that it's another busy busy week. Yesterday, after we got home from work, we BOTH fell asleep in the living room, and I didn't wake up until I heard Anders fixing dinner for the kids. oops. The plumber is coming on Friday morning to finish up the little bathroom by putting in the shower, sink and toilet. Anders did such a super job of tiling, it looks GREAT. :) I told him I couldn't wait to actually use it, and he told me HE'S first. hee hee

Tonight is Julbord with the AWC, woo hoo! It's always a blast, despite the price tag, and the food at Sankt Markus Vinkällare is SOOO good. The people on the signup list are all a lot of fun too, so I'm really looking forward to it. We might have to find another place next year, however, if they keep raising their prices.

Work is b-o-r-i-n-g. When you're dependent on others for your everyday to-do list, it makes for a lot of empty time when everyone else is away. Not that I'm really complaining, because there is a lot of surfing to be done. I'm only halfway through Mimi Smartypant's archives, for instance. She makes me laugh so hard. And Plooble. And Witt & Wisdom. And dooce. And hipstomp. Peals of laughter, folks, that's what we're talking.

I like that word: peals. I just went and looked it up to see what the word origins are. Etymology: Middle English, appeal, summons to church, short for appel; appeal, from appelen to appeal. It's too bad we only use it in conjunction with bells or laughter. I think it could be used for quite a lot of things. The dictionary says a peal is a loud sound or succession of sounds. The possibilities are literally endless. The pealing of the women's club monthly meetings. Peals of honking geese. Peals of ambulances. Although, because of the bells I guess, I think of it as having to describe a melodic sound.

Goals for today: Avoid dehydration. Mail Christmas cards. (Yay, me!) Buy caulking tubes. Pick up package at post office. Get kids fed before picking up babysitter. Refrain from eating too much tonight. Use "peal" in a spoken conversation at least once.
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My brain is playing tricks on me. I kept reading that as "pearls" and couldn't figure out how the definition fit at all. Anyway, have fun at the julbord!

pearls of laughter!! :)

You are thinking of ME!

as in "pearls of wisdom"

Re: You are thinking of ME!

LOL! I was going to make some comment about pearls before swine, but I really don't want you to take that phrase and run with it :P

Re: You are thinking of ME!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know... Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!

And because I was in the US, I missed signup for Julbord. I put my name on the waiting list -- what is this 8 people crap? our money isn't good enough for them, and they'd only let us reserve for 8 people at a time? -- but I doubt anyone else will fall out. *sigh*

actually, you might be getting a call from Sharon any minute. For tonight. Call her at work and bug her :)

I did get a call from Sharon, so I'll be at Julbord tonight!

BTW, doesn't $5-10K per year seem awfully low for playing basketball?

hurray!! I'll see you there! :) I think he meant per month, actually, now that you say that.

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