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I was gonna write more. I WAS writing more. And then suddenly days go by and I haven't written, though you know, there are LOTS of my head.

Some days there just isn't anything to write about. And some days even if there is I can't be bothered. And some days there's neither. You know, occasionally I can just sit down and start writing and even IF I have nothing to write about, I will end up with a post. Like now. I'm doing it right now. RIGHT THIS MINUTE, in fact.

That said, it certainly does NOT mean that what I end up with (or rather what you end up with, since you're the poor soul reading this...assuming anyone IS reading this drivel) is worth writing down. Or worth reading (sorry about that).

But! It still counts, eh?

I went out to dinner last night with Debbie and Camilla and we made a pact to try to eat healthier and to support each other in the endeavor. Mostly trying for smaller portions, and less carbs. A day later and I'm already struggling with it. Sigh. I'm moving the treadmill back out to the living room tomorrow. It was back in our bedroom for the holidays but today I took the advent lights down (a little late, I know) and no more excuses: the holidays are OVER.

That was the extent of my weekend plans. Martin slept over at a a friend's last night and Karin was out both yesterday and today. Anders has been working on my car all day (he swears this is the last time: after it passes inspection, he's selling the damned thing) and I have done pretty much nothing. Two loads of laundry and 4 months of my 2014 book formatting and the aforementioned removal of the advent lights. And a little bit of grocery shopping. And several chapters of my book. Not bad for a lazy Saturday!

Karin's boyfriend is coming over for dinner tomorrow and she's put Anders' spaghetti and crème brûlée on the menu. And one wonders why I'm struggling.

I know it's early, but guess what I'm thinking about? Spring cleaning.
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I actually do my spring cleaning in January. It all started because I have an annual "Thank God the Holidays Are Over Party" and you know, I can't have dirty baseboards if I'm having people over. But the cleaning is also a really good thing to do this time of year - it's dark and cold and otherwise I'd just lay in bed like a sloth. This way I'm at least accomplishing something. :)


That's a good party to throw! haha! One of my college roommates used to throw a F*** February Party, which was always a huge success.

I spring-cleaned our bedroom today. One more bookshelf to go and it's done!

We are doing winter rearranging as a precursor to spring cleaning. Some cleaning is involved, of course, but things like the outside of the windows will wait for warmer weather. My goal is to have everything neat, organized, and clean by the time the nice weather arrives so I can be out in it without feeling guilty about the house. Good luck with the carb cut-back, it's hard!

I did our bedroom today...MAN, what a lot of dustbunnies behind things!

Sadly, I've never met a carb that I didn't like, so I'm useless at cutting down on carbs. Portion size I can restrict, but NEVER carbs.

I'm in awe that you even step on a treadmill. I have this fear you see, that if I let go, I'll lose concentration and next thing I'll go shooting off the end. It has happened in a gym once where I went for a mechanical stress test for my heart. I was on it, set at a gentle walking pace and I started reading a book when my bookmark fell down, I tried to grab it and next thing I knew I was on the ground behind. A bit bruised but mainly just incredibly embarrassed! I get the heebie jeebies if I even SEE a treadmill now.

Spring cleaning - why not? We have daffodills shooting in ther garden and birds nesting in our nesting box. Maybe it is spring already. I hope that means we can skip Melodifestivalen...

I've never met a carb I didn't like either. The treadmill is out in the open again, though I haven't actually gotten ON it. But I did clean the bedroom thoroughly today, so progress! And I haven't actually had any carbs today either!

My Christmas wreath is still up, out on the balcony. I hate taking it down; it's sort of like the final nail in the coffin of the holidays. Usually I get to it around the first week of February, by which time it's getting rather brownish and brittle, and when I drop it over the side of the balcony to the ground, a cloud of needles settles around it.

What are you reading these days?

I am re-reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, as I can't wait any more for the latest to come out in paperback. Her books take FOREVER. But I cheated and started with book 4.

From Megsie

This sounds like a VERY productive day...spring cleaned the bedroom? My bedroom is BAD. It hasn't been thoroughly cleaned in way too long. It is on the docket but I am actively ignoring that docket right now.

I am useless when it comes to carbs. I am no help to you.

Re: From Megsie

Well, it would be even better if I could do that to EVERY room in the house, but knowing me...

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