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I probably wrote about these back when we were doing them, but I was cleaning our bedroom today (spring-cleaning! in the winter!) and found this little stack of tiny notebook pages. Upon further investigation, I realized they were the treasure hunt lists that I used to make to entice Martin to go walking with me. We'd walk around Flyinge with this tiny notebook and he'd check things off as he found them. I don't remember how old he was but it has to have been when he was pretty young. 9 maybe? Give or take.

Usually I would make up a list of 10-15 items before we left the house, but a couple of the lists are in Martin's handwriting. One list was just counting the items on the list. We had a lot of fun during our walks, looking for things and talking. I know he doesn't need the enticement of a list to go walking with me...I need to get out again, and if I can get him to go with me, so much the better. And if he needs a list to entice him, I'm sure I can come up with one!

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Perfect for scrapbooking memories! :-)

That tells me you have a fantastic imagination! I love it!

*wonders about "someone mewing" in the last note* (bunch of nutters in Flyinge)

*cleans glasses*

Ahh... someone mowing :-)


Someone Mewing! (falls over laughing!!!)
I almost cried when I read this, I could just picture Liz on the snailtrail mewing at Martin...



Great idea, will give it a try with Samuel. it would be fun with him too.
On the Road for the next few weeks, so will try and get Simone to try it too.

Things to ponder for your list.
Croatia? - Have Book will travel.
Corsica? - Have Books, Maps, been there done that lists, but would go again in a heartbeat.
Towns/Cities in either?
Camping? - Positives for Corsica - Less "Freikörperkultur" Beaches than in Croatia. (Look it up, Google.)
Camping in Bungalows? sounds good too.

Think about them and let us know. I think if you guys drive it all you would go insane, it is a ton of time in a car.
Winter is coming. I gotta go. So I will get in touch whenever.


What fun to read those lists. And, yes the perfect things for a memory book or similar thing. And, best of all- passing it on for Samuel! Love Lizardmom

I remember you writing about those walks :) I stole your checklist idea to keep the girls from getting bored on long trips.

From Megsie

I remember this too! What a wonderful memory for you to unearth in your cleaning. That is the exact reason things don't get done in my house, I am always reading everything and reminiscing about something or never gets DONE!

I still haven't started walking and it is past the mid-January point. It is snowing right now. And my dog is snuggled in... I don't think it is going to happen.

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