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I probably wrote about these back when we were doing them, but I was cleaning our bedroom today (spring-cleaning! in the winter!) and found this little stack of tiny notebook pages. Upon further investigation, I realized they were the treasure hunt lists that I used to make to entice Martin to go walking with me. We'd walk around Flyinge with this tiny notebook and he'd check things off as he found them. I don't remember how old he was but it has to have been when he was pretty young. 9 maybe? Give or take.

Usually I would make up a list of 10-15 items before we left the house, but a couple of the lists are in Martin's handwriting. One list was just counting the items on the list. We had a lot of fun during our walks, looking for things and talking. I know he doesn't need the enticement of a list to go walking with me...I need to get out again, and if I can get him to go with me, so much the better. And if he needs a list to entice him, I'm sure I can come up with one!

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