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Martin managed to rip holes in the seat of two pairs of pants this past week, so I had pants shopping on the agenda yesterday. When Karin heard that we were going she announced that she needed pants, too (since she only has 2 pairs, MOM), and I wanted to go to a specific store at one of the nearby malls that carries clothes in my size because my friend Debbie had the prettiest shirt on at the jewelry swap on Friday night and when I asked her where it was from, she said she'd just gotten it. I asked her if it was okay if I went and got one too, and she said as long as I didn't wear it to the same events, haha! (which might be difficult, actually!).

So we ran to the mall yesterday. I bought jeans for both the kids, and Martin bought himself another pair of burgundy pants and a t-shirt. Karin didn't find anything else she wanted, but I found the shirt in TWO versions and bought them both: one beige/chocolate and one dark grey/black. Happy dance! I don't do a lot of clothes shopping here, and I hadn't been to this store in ages, since their quality had gone downhill at one point. After seeing what they had in stock, I think I'll give them another chance. They had some really nice stuff, though not as nice as C.J. Banks in the States.

We had to buy a new (used) set of winter tires too, for Anders' car today, since he had a puncture that couldn't be fixed, which was an unexpected expense, so with that and the clothes, we'll have to take it easy the rest of the month.

I finished re-reading the Outlander books and now I'm reading The Bees which ozswede recommended for me. So far, it's quite engaging, though I'm wondering where it's going to go. It's already made me google bee images so I could see what the different kinds of bees look like. Quite a lot of variation!

Currently enjoying: Summerbird dark chocolate-covered cherries and rhubarb (YUM, Mom, remind me to get you some of these when you come!)

Everyone I've talked to or seen online has snow. We have no snow. This is the most boring winter weather-wise. Rain, cold, wind, but nothing to brighten it up at all. It's not that I want the complications of snow, exactly, but it DOES look so nice and it REALLY brightens things up.

I made it through October in my 2014 book formatting this afternoon. Two more months to go and I can put it together for publication and order my copies! Yay! It's fun to read back through the previous year...I forget so much of the little stuff. I wish I was better about writing more often and MORE in general about the things that happen. Some things, of course, I can't write about, at least not publicly, though that doesn't happen very often. Feels weird not to have a record of everything, though, when I DO leave things out. I guess that's the price you have to pay for choosing to have a public blog, however. At least if you don't want to hang out ALL your dirty laundry, as well as that of the rest of your family. :D
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More than happy to send you all our snow. No school again tomorrow in expectation of the storm approaching. That makes a full week that Ingrid had missed now. They love it now but man will they hate it in June!

We finally got some but a few days later it was all gone again. Most boring winter ever.

From Megsie

Our snow is waning. There are brown patches all over the place. UGLY. Yay for a successful shopping trip! I love that! I think it is so great that you publish all of your posts. What a wonderful story you are leaving behind. Happy SLUG day! xoxo

Re: From Megsie

I am doing the hopefully last bits of the 2014 book today... almost done with formatting the content, then just have to finalize the Table of COntents and create the cover and upload! Maybe tomorrow it will go to print finally!

How come you guys missed the snow? I heard that it was going to cover the whole country ... ahhhh... perhaps they don't consider Skåne as part of Sweden (full of "spare Danes" and all that).

Well done finding clothes that you like and which aren't made for anorexic stick insects - the general selection here is appalling if one has a fuller figure, unless you like granny outfits or circus tents. Someone could make a lot of money selling stylish, tailored clothes for real women. I shop in the UK if I need something.

I hope you like the book. I don't usually even like sci-fi books, but I loved this one (a good friend convinced me to give it a try). You might like this video as well - bees are really amazing creatures.

I love the two tops I bought, and definitely plan to go back to the store again! I shop nearly exclusively in the US which makes it hard.

I liked the book, though I thought it was sad and predictable, in a way, knowing how long bees live. I loved the descriptions of the hive and the rituals, though!

Yay! for finding cool new clothes! It's such an upper, isn't it? :-)

Chocolate-covered rhubarb sounds awesome. (Of course, I love rhubarb to start with...)

How many years do you have "booked" now?

Since 2003 when I started blogging :)

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