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Another week gone and what do I have to show for it? The house is half-clean, my book is half-read, my work is half-done and my kids are half-grown.

I woke in the middle of the night on Wednesday around 3 a.m., sweating hot and feeling very weird. I went and sat in the bathroom for a bit, convinced I was either going to throw up or was having my first and most horrendous hot flash. Felt feverish and generally discombobulated, but finally went back to bed, after nothing happened. Still felt like crap in the morning and even though I went to work, I was pretty sure I shouldn't. I could feel my cheekbones. Like they were sticking out of my face, and I noticed after a couple of hours that I was mostly staring at the screen but not really registering anything I was doing.

I went home, took Tylenol Cold medicine and zonked out for the entire afternoon. I woke enough to eat a bit of dinner and then took more pills and went back to bed for the night. I felt fine the next day, but Anders came down with whatever it was, and he had/has it much worse. Stomach, fever, aches, etc. He's still sick 2 days later, poor guy.

Nothing much really going on, apart from never-ending laundry and the sneaky feeling of a headache at the base of my skull. Tonight is the start of Melodifestivalen (aka Mello) which I've been looking forward to as it helps break up the monotony that is February in Sweden.

I thought this past week that we were finally going to get some snow. It actually snowed, and it actually stuck, but it wasn't much and it's all gone again. Sigh. The sun was shining today though, so that was a bonus. Yesterday, a couple of swans flew right past the front of my car with their long necks extended and bobbing in flight. They looked so funny and so weird. The skies have been full of migrating birds. Long vees of geese headed apparently the wrong way, though I guess they must know where they are going.

Wonders was last night and it was nice, if a little short. We were all kind of tired after the week and 3 of us had early mornings today (not me), but the nicest thing was that it felt like a new start, and that everyone is enthusiastic again about our get-togethers. Extra nice!

I hope you're having a nice, relaxing weekend and looking forward to something!
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