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Another week gone and what do I have to show for it? The house is half-clean, my book is half-read, my work is half-done and my kids are half-grown.

I woke in the middle of the night on Wednesday around 3 a.m., sweating hot and feeling very weird. I went and sat in the bathroom for a bit, convinced I was either going to throw up or was having my first and most horrendous hot flash. Felt feverish and generally discombobulated, but finally went back to bed, after nothing happened. Still felt like crap in the morning and even though I went to work, I was pretty sure I shouldn't. I could feel my cheekbones. Like they were sticking out of my face, and I noticed after a couple of hours that I was mostly staring at the screen but not really registering anything I was doing.

I went home, took Tylenol Cold medicine and zonked out for the entire afternoon. I woke enough to eat a bit of dinner and then took more pills and went back to bed for the night. I felt fine the next day, but Anders came down with whatever it was, and he had/has it much worse. Stomach, fever, aches, etc. He's still sick 2 days later, poor guy.

Nothing much really going on, apart from never-ending laundry and the sneaky feeling of a headache at the base of my skull. Tonight is the start of Melodifestivalen (aka Mello) which I've been looking forward to as it helps break up the monotony that is February in Sweden.

I thought this past week that we were finally going to get some snow. It actually snowed, and it actually stuck, but it wasn't much and it's all gone again. Sigh. The sun was shining today though, so that was a bonus. Yesterday, a couple of swans flew right past the front of my car with their long necks extended and bobbing in flight. They looked so funny and so weird. The skies have been full of migrating birds. Long vees of geese headed apparently the wrong way, though I guess they must know where they are going.

Wonders was last night and it was nice, if a little short. We were all kind of tired after the week and 3 of us had early mornings today (not me), but the nicest thing was that it felt like a new start, and that everyone is enthusiastic again about our get-togethers. Extra nice!

I hope you're having a nice, relaxing weekend and looking forward to something!
mood: relaxed
music: The Who—The Music Must Change

Et tu, Liz?

Melodifestivalen? Really? I'm afraid I fail to understand why Sweden needs six weeks of torture to select one dreadful song to send to a campy, largely irrelevant and very silly music competition. The amount of press that it generates about rigged voting, bad ratings figures, crappy hosts, joke entries and "the wrong song won" is ridiculous. It's times like this that I'm glad that we don't have a tv. I saw "Schlager Chips" at the shop and nearly bought some to wind up The Swede, but decided that I'd rather not get stabbed to death :-)

*Note to self: don't turn on the radio for the next two months*

I hope Anders feels better soon. There seems to be quite a few stomach flus doing the rounds at the moment.

Are you serious that the birds were heading north? Stop them! It's deep snow up here and no open water for them to breed. Silly birds.

Re: Et tu, Liz?

The birds are ALWAYS going the wrong way. We see them going south in the spring and north in the fall. It is very weird.

You just have to give in to the Mello and then it will all make sense. Muahahaha!

Re: Et tu, Liz?

Get yourself a compass, Liz. I think the birds know where they are going, maybe it's YOU who is confused. Ha, ha!

Give into Mello? Never going to happen. I think that like most Australians, I treat the whole of Eurovision as something of a bad joke. To be fair, we only ever got the UK telecast of it once a year on SBS and Terry Wogan was the commentator, so you could hardly take it seriously as we gazed at this über-camp collection of what we'd laughingly call Europe's Got No Talent and roll about as Wogan made remarks like he could well 'pull it out of the bag' or even have 'slotted it home' or whatever cheap semi-innuendo bingo line he wanted to 'squeeze in'. Eurovision was and is pure comedy. Stereotyping, bad singing, sarcasm, political voting. Life is too short and my "To read" pile too big to bother with it.

Re: Et tu, Liz?

Compass, schmompass.

The first Melodifestivalen lived down to our expectations!

Good catchyup post, Liz.
I love the way you write.

Why thank you kindly! :D

From Megsie

YOU were sick TOO? It seems like there is so much junk going around! I kind of want to step into a bubble and stay there. I am glad it was short lived for you and I hope that Anders is feeling better.

I have been grading all weekend. I got one class almost completely done--I wanted to get the course schedule done for our next unit, but went to bed last night instead. I have some work for my department to do this morning. I hope I can get done with it so I can begin grading my other class. I just want to get caught up!! How can I be behind ALREADY? It is a gift.

Re: From Megsie

At least our kids didn't get it *knocks on wood*

Anders was STILL not feeling well today and for him to stay home from work is indicative of just how poorly he was feeling. :(

No one catches up. Ever. Sigh.

Sorry to hear that The Ick made a visit to your household -- hope Anders recovers soon.

I would be happy to send you some snow if I could; our supply has far outstripped demand, and it is getting hard to find places to put it when the plows come through. I'm facing away from the balcony as I type this, so that I don't have to see the steady flakes coming down, again...or still. I'm craving sunlight and blue skies. February is a tough month. I'm glad that you have Mello to relieve the gloom.

I'm looking forward to a restful day of reading. Sundays were meant for relaxing and recharging. (I'm also looking forward to Spring, but that will take quite a while longer...)

I don't want snow anymore. It's absolutely GORGEOUS today. Sunny, warm (relatively speaking), blue skies. Now I want SPRING!

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