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It's the weekend, it's Valentine's Day, and it's Sportlov. Last week is well left behind us, except for Friday, which went swimmingly. I had my yearly "development talk" with my boss, which my kids asked if I was getting graded on. Yes, yes, I am, I said, and guess what you little slackers?


I bought little boxes covered with hearts and kisses and filled them with favorite candies for my family and when I got up this morning I found roses and dark chocolate cranberry bars in my place. :) Anders laughed at the card I gave him, which said AJJ LAV JO! on the front. Then he and Karin finished packing and I drove them to the train station in Lund to catch their train to the airport. They are flying to Turin, Italy and then taking a bus to France, which is apparently the fastest way to get to the section of the French Alps where they will be skiing this week.

Martin and I have a very, very busy, full day planned: lying about, reading, playing games, watching Downton Abbey and groaning at Melodifestivalen tonight. There may be naps.

I finished reading Gone Girl this morning, which is the book group book for this month. I didn't want to read it, for various reasons, but went ahead and caved and bought it some time ago. It was much better than I expected it to be, though I really disliked EVERY SINGLE character except the husband's sister. The reason I liked it was because it wasn't at all predictable and things kept happening that made me go whoa. It's made me curious about her other books. And the movie, though I'm still not sure I really want to see it.

Now, just because I was in the mood for something COMPLETELY different, I am re-readng Enid Blyton's The Naughtiest Girl in the School books, which are not at all what you might think they are if you don't know who Enid Blyton was. :D She wrote 762 books. 762! And she was only 71 when she died. The mind boggles. I never read any of her books except these three, but I probably have a soft spot for them because the main character is named Elizabeth and has curly hair and decided opinions.

The reason why I took Blyton's book off the shelf and started reading it was because I thought I'd get started on the annual book clean-out for the media sale next month. I have a full paper bag of books already set aside, but it's always a good idea in this household to clear out some shelf room (to make room for new, better books, of course). I did a massive clean-out a couple of years ago, so it's a little harder than usual to find stuff to get rid of. I have to go back to the books I haven't read in a long time and, often, re-read them to make a decision. But I won't get rid of these; I knew I could read them quickly and get a nice little nostalgia jolt.

Next I think I'll re-read Girl of the Limberlost. Or maybe Swallows & Amazons. Who knows? The future is wide open! Though I wouldn't get rid of either of those, either.

We got a call from the police yesterday (Karin took the call) that they had found Martin's little wallet with his cards in and are sending it back to us in the mail. We had already canceled the bank card, but now at least we don't have to pay for a new bus card. Another plus for the end of last week. :)
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