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To get any computer time in this house currently, I have to

a) forcibly shove my son/daughter off the chair and turn off World of Warcraft while he/she's struggling to get on her/his feet

b) threaten death and destruction if I don't get five minutes to, like, pay bills

c) say I need the computer. say it again. say it several times. in a determined tone of voice that brooks no argument. rinse, repeat.

d) wait until my children have gone to bed, which is starting to be past MY bedtime

e) wait until my children have grown up and moved out of the house

f) consider buying another computer for my very own

g) give up and get the iPad out again
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What happened to that computer use agreement they had to sign? Love, Lizardmom

That was just to stop them fighting with each other over whose turn it was... maybe I need to resurrect that and add a "parent-first" clause.

When they are up past your bedtime, what a horror! Been through it. I would finally have peace to catch up on stuff as the younger ones finally disappeared, and at 10/10.30pm my (eldest) son would appear, just dying to spend time with someone who wasn't a sibling. Oh. Argh. No one tells you about that stuff!

haha! so true!

From Megsie

I vote to get your own computer. That is what I did, for work, but it is for ME. And I don't share. Once you begin to share, it is all over.

I love "a" the best! It made me laugh out loud!

Re: From Megsie

Heh! I haven't actually gone that far ...yet

I vote for F, get your own computer, or G, get the ipad out again. But don't give up, just get realistic. Make the rules that you get the computer when you want it, or simply use something else (F or G).
Life has so many other frustrations and sleep busters. My vote is based on stress reduction and pleasure inducement, Liz.
You work hard, you get to have internet access without staying up past your bedtime (unless you want to of course).

Very very true. I am trying to follow your guidelines!

Ingrid commandeers the laptop from the moment she gets home, and since she's home first, she claims squatter's rights. I have my work mini laptop that I can always resort to but so far she has been good about relinquishing it if pressed. You do have to press though.

She is hell bent on starting a gaming channel on YouTube (where people would watch her Minecraft videos - what her screen looks like while she is narrating - I will never understand the appeal) so she's saving up her money to buy her own laptop and headset and whatever stuff is required. I'm supportive only because I figure when she gets to high school next year she will probably need to be doing a lot more homework on the computer. It won't seem so fun then! ;-)

Edited at 2015-02-26 10:03 pm (UTC)

Those Minecrafters are hardcore!

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