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I've been meaning to write for days, DAYS, but I keep getting thwarted. Thwarted by children, by distractions, by headaches, by work, by laziness, by sleep.

There are pussywillows blossoming and snowdrops. Pansies just went on sale at the nursery. It's light out when I leave for work, and light out when I leave to go home (depending on the cloud cover, of course). Despite the crap weather (grey, rain, cold), the harbingers are everywhere, if you just keep your eyes open and your optimism on high: spring IS coming. It IS.

We went to look at a car this weekend. Anders is determined to sell my Audi out from under me. He's tired of having to fix the brakes every time it doesn't pass inspection. Plus it always has something going wrong, and it's as old as Karin is, so he figured the time was right. We looked at its twin, basically, another German silver sedan. But this one isn't an Audi, it's a Volkswagen Jetta (and it's a spring chicken, compared to Karin).

When I was in high school, my very favorite teacher was Mr. McGrath. He taught Social Studies and some specialized classes like Russian Studies and I hero-worshiped him. He was funny and nice and when I was an aide in his class, he pretty much let me do whatever I liked. In the Russian class, we read Reds and had a Russian dinner feast that included borscht and blinis. I took every class he offered. At some point, he bought a brand-new Volkswagen Jetta, which had only been on the market for a few years and I thought it was the COOLEST car. His was midnight-blue and for years, I aspired to a Volkwagen Jetta whenever I finally got around to buying a car for my very own.

Then I got older and realized how very uncool a Jetta actually was. It was a SEDAN. A 4-door. A FAMILY car. Oh well. Guess what, it's cool again. :) And if I can't have an Audi this time (because they cost twice as much), then fulfilling my 17-year-old car fantasy will work, especially considering that my 24-year-old car fantasy is Michelle Pfeiffer's car in Tequila Sunrise, which costs even more ...someday, though, dammit, I am getting that Alfa Romeo.

Do Alfa Romeo's even come in automatic?

Anyway, we have to sell the Audi first, but Anders has a colleague with a young daughter who just got her driver's license and he is very interested, so I hope he says yes this week, so we can get this over with.

It's Pie Night on Friday...I've talked Anders into making 2 pies (Taco and Chicken/Gorgonzola) and I'm going to make the fruit pizza again as well. Last year, there wasn't enough pie and this year, I'm determined there will be ...well, you can't have too much pie, so I'm determined there will be MORE than enough. Maybe even leftovers! Mmmmmmm pie!
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