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Why do I get the feeling March is going to be one of those barely-manage-to-post-once-a-week months? I could write more, but I'd have to spend more energy wresting the computer away from the clutches of my World-of-Warcraft-obsessed offspring and frankly, I just can't be orked. Plus I am busy alternating between reading a really good, fascinating book and working my way up through endless levels of Tap Titans, so as you can tell, my life is SUPER EXTRA IMPORTANTLY BUSY right now.

Someone who lives nearby and whom I have ended up behind on the highway more than once, has a silver Audi with a sticker in the back window that reads "4 rings to rule them all". It took me awhile but when I finally got it, it made me laugh. We picked up my new (used) car this morning. The (now former) owner told Anders yesterday, when we called to make the offer, that he had polished it again and Anders told me we'd better hurry up there and get it before he wore the paint off. It's very nice and shiny and now we have traded our German-made 4-door silver sedan for a newer German-made 4-door silver sedan. (well, not literally, of Anders' colleagues is buying our Audi). The new one is shinier, though, also sportier. It's very responsive and quite comfortable, so I am pleased.

Friday night was Pie Night. It was the fourth annual event and as usual, a smash success. We had 30+ people this time, including several babies and plenty of pie, which was a relief after the near disaster of running short last year. Anders made 2 dinner pies: Taco and a yummy chicken & gorgonzola. I repeated my fruit pizza extravaganza from last year, which was a hit both then and now. SO YUMMY!

Round 1: (clockwise from the chicken gorgonzola at 7 o'clock): ham & cheese with broccoli, nacho pie, English shepherd's pie, a salad (what?), jalapeno pepper pie (voted yummiest), another H&C w/B, and Taco pie.

Round 2: (clockwise from the fruit pizza at 7 o'clock): crack pie (I don't know, but YUM), rocky road pie, Canadian butter tarts, Banana Banoffie pie, salted caramel apple pie, pumpkin pie bars, whipped cream.

The fruit pizza was THE BEST, if I do say so myself. Of course, in addition to the fantastic fresh fruit I found, it also boasted a chocolate chip cookie base with buttercream frosting to anchor the fruit. MUMS fili baba!

The really good book I am reading right now is called The Almost Nearly Perfect People and subtitled "Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia". It's by Michael Booth, an expat from the UK who lives in Denmark. It's fascinating, funny and really, really interesting, even if you don't live here, but if you do, even more so. I highly recommend it, and I'm not even to the part about Sweden yet! Next up, I'm reading the latest book by my friend Chuck Sigars, Learning to Walk. So many books, so little time!
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I'm trying to be more consistent in writing on LJ, but the pull of fascinating books sometimes defeats me as well.

The car looks lovely glittering there in the sunshine. I hope you have a lot of fun driving it around. I giggled at it being another silver car (yes, we're guilty of it as well) - is there any other colour in Sweden?

Is the Taco pie done with layers of tortillas with the meat/taco spice filling in between and cheese on top? And you must send me the chicken gorgonzola pie recipe - it sounds wonderful. The desserts I'm not as big on, although the fruit pizza looks scrumptious. I'm glad you night was a success (although isn't "π day" next Saturday?)

Ahh... that book sounds really good. I'll order a copy. In some ways it reminds me a bit of Andrew Brown’s Fishing in Utopia: Sweden and the Future that Disappeared which I read a couple of years ago, though Brown only wrote about Sweden. It's also well worth reading (except for the bits about fishing...)

I enjoyed Brown's book a couple of years ago. I have to say I started the section on Sweden last night and am a little disappointed. He doesn't have much flattering to say about the Swedes, which is a bit strange considering. I'm only halfway through the section though, so maybe he's leading up to something.

I'll see if I can winkle the pie recipe out of Anders. :)

Danskjävel - always mocking the Swedes :-)

I've seen a couple of recipes with chicken, mushroom, gorgonzola and some kind of nut (hazelnuts or walnuts) that sounded nice, but I always like recipes that people have tried and liked. That combination of chicken/gorgonzola is always so good.

Danskjävel: hahaha!

I wish I hadn't waited until halfway through my life to learn that gorgonzola was so good when cooked. I'm not a fan of the moldy cheeses at all, so it was a surprise to find they were so different when melted :)

Forgot to answer about the Taco pie... no, it's not got tortillas at all. Pie crust (I thought it was almost like pizza crust), ground meat, red bell peppers, onions, cheese, crème fraiche and taco seasoning.

It's a slightly different recipe from the one that we have used for years. I like it but I like our old one better, actually :)

I was thinking it might have been like this one that I was thinking of making for pi day on Saturday (even though no-one there will even know it's pi day). I have to do something vegetarian and something with meat or chicken in it. Still deciding...

That looks almost like lasagna to me! Weird.

Here is the taco paj recipe. The original, not the new one:

I don't have Facebook, so I can't see it. But don't worry, I think I'm doing Greek food instead.


It's public

It sends me to a page that says I don't have permission to view this content and invites me to sign into Facebook to see it.


Stupid ipad wont let me sign in, also stupid facebook is stipid

Neitha's Taco Paj

Neitha's Taco Paj

4 dl flour
1/2 tsp salt
50 g butter
1.5 dl milk

The dough does not need to be baked in advance. Mix together by hand: flour, salt & butter. When grainy, add milk and knead together. Spread into oven form.

500 g ground beef (or ground beef/pork)
1 sm. yellow onion
1 packet taco spice mix
1 dl water
corn (we used most of one small can)

2 dl creme fraiche
2 Tb mayonnaise
1/4 tsp each white pepper, black pepper, salt
2 dl grated cheese

Garnish: red pepper rings, sliced onion rings (if desired)

Chop the onion finely. Brown the ground beef, add the onion, water, corn and taco seasoning. Cook together until bubbling. Mix the sauce ingredients together and pour over the filling after it's been put into the pie form. Bake at 250C for 10-15 minutes (keep an eye on it, as it will burn!)

Be sure to mix the cheese in with the sauce, NOT over the top.

Re: Neitha's Taco Paj

Oh thankyou, Liz! I've copied it out and will make it as part of what I'm taking on the weekend. I think Viggo in particular will love it as he's a bit of a taco freak.

I don't pretend to understand "Pie Night"! Is it a US/expat thing? Chicken & Gorgonzola? I'm completely mystified!! I do like the idea of sociable eating with a theme though. :-)

No, it's a lizardek thing! I came up with the idea for an AWC (American Women's Club) event 4 years ago and it was a huge hit :)

From Megsie

Oh, my gosh. SO YUMMY!!! That fruit is beautiful. But CRACK PIE?? That looks so good!

Glad your Pie Night was a success. I am determined to read a book this week, but I have failed to begin it yet. I have to get it done, one of my students asks me every time he sees me if I have read it yet. He recommended it to me! I will let you know if it is good.


Re: From Megsie

Oh do! I am always looking for book recs even though I have a list already a mile long!


All of pie night looks delicious! But don't forget to have pie on 3-14-15 @ 9-26 -that's the perfect time for Pi! But, having math issues- check that with Anders! :0 Love, Lizardmom

Pie every day! hahah!

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