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I am apparently old now. I can't seem to sleep in, or go back to sleep when I wake up early. Unlike my teenage children and my former self, who could sleep half the day away, I am no longer able to doze of a morning. I can still stay slugabed for hours with a book but the sleeping part seems to be a thing of the past.

My intentioned plans for this weekend were pretty nil, though I did have some spring-cleaning on the menu. It's the melodifestivalen final tonight so we invited Anders' mom over to watch it (and spend the night), and then Anders decided to invite his sister over as well, and she was quite happy to agree since her son (or daughter or both, I'm a little unclear) had asked the parental units to vacate the premises for a party or get-together of some sort, so they will be coming too (though whether their daughter is coming is not certain).

Anyway, I awoke early, couldn't get back to sleep, and after a couple of much-needed hours of loafing, I got up and got busy. Anders went to the grocery store to get the fixings for pulled pork, and I got started on my to-do list, which included dusting, windexing, bathrooms, vacuuming and swiffering. I made Martin help me move everything movable out of the dining room and cleaned the floors thoroughly.

And then Anders trumped me, totally. I had mentioned to him yesterday that one of my friends had found a window-cleaning company that only cost about 800 kronor (just over $100): super cheap! Shouldn't I book them? Heck no, was his response: he would do it, and save us the money. Um hmmm, I said. Okay.

And right now, he is finishing up the last of the inside windows, after doing the entire outside first. We have 32 windows in this house. That makes SIXTY-FOUR windows, people. Everything is so CLEAN and SPARKLY. Clean windows are the best kind of bling.

The heck with not being able to sleep in anymore, THAT last sentence officially makes me old.
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Are you trying to totally shock Marta with all those clean windows? Love, Lizardmom

I made a point of pointing them out to his mom and sister :) They were very impressed!

From Megsie

Old. Yep. Me too. But my windows are dirty! Hope you had a nice time tonight!

Re: From Megsie

I managed to both fall back asleep AND sleep in like a slug today, though, so I guess I still have a little bit of teenager left inside!

That is a heck of a busy slug-a-bed day! Oh, I do like a husband like that! Good at cleaning, but not so often that you fail to appreciate this virtue!

Hurrah for clean windows!

The sleeping in the morning thing...yeah, me too. I wake up between 3 and 4, and by 5 give up and get up. On the bright side, I'm always on time for work. :-)

We're just aging like fine wine. (Which we don't drink, I know, but I couldn't think of a different metaphor...)

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