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Anders made dinner tonight and it was so delicious that I'm sharing the recipe. He has been using an app he found called Kokaihop (there is a website too, but it's all in Swedish) which is chock full of fantastic recipes and this is just the latest.

Pasta with Garlic & Crayfish Tail Sauce

1 package of crayfish tails in brine
3 dl creme fraiche
1 bunch parsley
4 cloves garlic
1 cube vegetable bouillon
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
400 gram tagliatelle noodles
1 TB olive oil
0.5 dl water

Cook pasta according to directions while making the sauce. Peel and slice the garlic cloves thinly. Saute the garlic clove slices in olive oil for a few moments, should not change color. Add bouillon cube, water, creme fraiche and cayenne pepper, and let simmer for several minutes. Chop parsley and add. Add salt and pepper to taste. Drain crayfish tails from brine. Remove pan from heat and add the crayfish tails. Simmer for just a moment, do not let it boil as the crayfish will shrink and become chewy. Serve!

Double yum!

It was a nice relaxing weekend, though as always, far too short. Martin and I went into Lund yesterday and had dinner at a new sushi place that I walked past last week and it was really good, and then we went to see Cinderella. I have a soft spot for fairy tales and for Disney, and Martin apparently has a soft spot for me since he agreed to accompany me (who am I kidding, it was the promise of sushi that clinched the deal), but we really enjoyed ourselves. We both liked the movie and it was fun to have an evening out with my kid.

I had heard that it was supposed to snow this weekend and it never did that, thank goodness, but it was FREEZING. The temperatures had dramatically dropped by Saturday morning and it was quite windy out. Today was sunny and clear, though still cold, so we went for a walk outside instead of treadmilling it, and wandered around Flyinge in the sunshine. There aren't a lot of obvious buds yet, but you can tell everything is getting ready to explode. There were a lot of pussywillows along the little creeks near the snail trail but I couldn't get any good photos of them. The only flowers up so far are those spring showoffs crocus, but the daffodils are on their way.

Today's spring-cleaning job was the refrigerator. I took everything out and cleaned it thoroughly, every shelf and drawer. I consolidated several jars of various condiments that we've managed to accumulate more than one of and ruthlessly culled the remainder. Feels good to have that job done! Right when I was getting ready to do the final towel-drying on the shelves that had been air-drying for a bit on the counter, I managed to knock one of them off along with Karin's brand-new jar of honey (she puts it in tea)...on the tile floor.

Thank goodness the shelf didn't break, but the honey jar crackled into shards. Luckily, it all stayed in one big shattered piece around the honey! Power of viscosity!

Our annual media sale is next week, and I've got a lot of books ready to go in the bags. Last week I had added another pile of books including several by Jonathan Carroll, whom I've always thought was fantastic, but never seem to get around to re-reading...except for one book, the first one of his I ever read, called The Land of Laughs. I've read it several times but it had been a while, so I started it again on Friday and finished it this morning. It is still SO good and now I'm thinking I have to go retrieve the other books of his from the bag. Maybe I'm down to the 2000 books that I simply can't part with.
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Danely called me today to tell me to go see Cinderella -so good and that I would enjoy it! :) So it's on my "to-do" list. Which probably should also have "clean out fridge". Sounds like a great week-end at your house, except for KArin losing her honey! Love, Lizardmom

Took me a second to remember who you were talking about...thought you were communing with the dead, there. :D

From Megsie DID snow here. It is Christmas in March, with snowman-snow. We haven't had snow in at least 10 days, and we had a couple days near 70 degrees F. Now it is totally winter again. I told the kids that Jeff would be out flooding the rink tonight...he didn't think it was as funny as I did. :)

I love a husband who cooks. Mine does too, but not often enough for me. I wish he would just take over! Cooking is not my favorite task. Dinner sounds like it was delicious. What is dl--deciliter? What would its equivalent be? I suppose I could google this as well...but if it is right there in your head...

Katie went to Cinderella on Friday night with her girl scout troop and loved it...I need to see it! I think it is so sweet of Martin to go with you to a princess movie. Impressive.

I walked on Friday and yesterday plus did a yoga tape. I didn't walk today because I ran out of time. I am hoping tomorrow I will have the willpower to get out of bed and brave the snow. I will need divine intervention for this task. Wish me luck!

Re: From Megsie

It's still cold but no snow. NO SNOW! We had NO SNOW all winter. The US was hogging it.

I wish Anders would cook every night, he's so much better at it than me. He's pretty good about doing it more than me at least :)

I walked at lunch today, 20 minutes. Go me!

Hogging is not the right term. We would all have been quite happy to share! ;-)

Thank goodness for the power of viscosity! (Well, in your case, anyway. My youngest niece once got her toddler hands on a squeeze bottle of honey; the older siblings who were supposed to be keeping an eye on her had a dickens of a time getting honey off the walls...and carpet...and furniture...)

I'd like to see Cinderella, but am not sure we'll make it to the theater -- that seems to be the story of my life just at present, as movies I want to see come and go. Bless DVDs!

We saw The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel last night, good stuff :)

That recipe sounds lovely! I've bookmarked it to try this week. I looked at the Kokaihop website, but their recipes don't give how much of each ingredient you need - you can choose how many servings, but then the count is always 0 of everything - not very helpful. Or is it just me?

And the Taco Pie was very much liked by both L-G's son and grandson, so that's something I'll be making again.

We had snow earlier in the week for a couple of days, but it disappeared the day after and now it just nasty snow-blended rain which is so depressing. Bring on spring!

Hrm...I'm not sure. He uses the app mostly, not the website, but maybe you have register as a member on the site first?

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