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I'm supposed to be cleaning the bathroom, but I don't feel like it. I did wipe down the sink earlier, but that's as far as my bathroom-cleaning motivation went. I've got two loads of laundry going and I ran the dishwasher. I went to the grocery store. Oh! And I windexed the coffee table.

There's always this need to justify myself. Do you feel that way too? I need to justify what I do at work in order to get paid and get raises. I need to justify what I do at home in order to feel that I'm showing by example (for my kids) and to keep a balance in my life between frivolous pleasure pursuits and the actual things that need to get done.

Work is so busy that I long for the weekends, squeeze every bit of downtime out of them and wave sadly farewell when they are over.

Martin is in Lund, hanging out with a friend, and Karin is getting ready to go do the same (and sleep over). I don't know yet what time I need to go pick up Martin, so it's making it hard to plan the evening. It's been a nice lazy Saturday, otherwise. I started the book club book (The Circle by Dave Eggers) and worked on the AWC website/newsletter. I even added a couple of books to the media sale bag.

One of my colleagues sent me a couple of music recommendations and I'm currently enjoying the first of them on Spotify: Erann DD. Good stuff.

Earlier this week, my friend Debbie and I made plans for yesterday to go to dinner and a movie. I sent her a list of what was playing and we ultimately decided to go see The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The only problem was I had never seen the FIRST one. I looked it up on Wednesday but couldn't rent it on Apple TV, only buy it, so we ended up watching Argo instead which I had never seen either. But last night I thought, I can't go see the sequel of something without seeing the original, so Martin and I ended up watching the first Marigold Hotel on Thursday. He watched it with me because he loves Maggie Smith (thanks Downton Abbey!). We both liked it, but I actually thought the sequel was better! Maggie Smith is great and so is Judi Dench.

The sun is peeping out in between the slow-moving clouds. It's quite cold out, too cold for me. Mörhippan was here visiting twice; she took a nap on the clean, folded clothes in the laundry room. One of the other neighborhood cats came in to say hello as well, but she didn't stay very long.

Karin is selling all kinds of things. She has to sell 10 items for her school class (cookies, crackers and candy) and 10 items for her soccer team (salami, cheddar and candy). SIGH. I don't think I can hit up people at work again... she's sold the salami many, many times in the past few years, and everyone there has children who are also selling the same things. She's standing behind me right now while I'm writing this, with her hands on my shoulders. I'm hoping she'll give me a neck rub but instead she's put her arms around me for a hug. It's nice :)

Maybe I'll go read for awhile. Maybe I'll take a nap. Maybe I'll go for a walk before the sun disappears. Maybe I'll get motivated and clean the bathroom. Maybe I won't.
mood: relaxed
music: Erann DD—Still Believing

From Megsie

After my week I just caught up on my reading yesterday. I read many article and watched a few really great TED talks that I think I can weave into my class. I have dutifully ignored all grading. There is a lot of it. Today is the day! I am going downstairs now to do some yoga and maybe go for a walk. I am meeting a friend for her birthday breakfast at 9:00, so it all depends on how fast I can get ready. I am trying to type through morning kisses from Franklin right now. Not easy. Have a wonderful Sunday! xo

Re: From Megsie

Good for you on the yoga and walk! I would like some puppy kisses, too, though!

When does one ever feel like cleaning the bathroom? Good on you for choosing something else. Justify, smustify....

I really loved the first Marigold Hotel movie and I have the second one on my list to download. How can anyone NOT like Maggie Smith and Judi Dench, as they really are amazing actresses. You might also like to see them together in Ladies in Lavender which is quite delightful.

Gosh I don't miss those fundraising years. Are you like me and end up buying a lot yourself just so they don't go around and peddle this stuff? I remember that at work there was always someone selling something for a school or sporting club - it gets pretty wearing after a while.

We have a cold, wet, uninspiring sort of day today - I crave tea and crumpets in front of a roaring fire with a good book. Well, I at least have the good book Ian McEwan's The Children Act....

Will check out Ladies in Lavender, thanks!

We have had to buy tons of stuff because of the way they have the fundraising set up OR just pay regardless of whether we buy because they require a minimum amount or a cash equivalent which I find a bit hard. And since she's shilling for two separate things, that's nearly 200 bucks that WE have to spend if she can't sell to people. I want her to do it, and of course she wants US to help her out by asking people at work. ARGH. Can't wait for that bit to be done with!

Hope you wound up having a relaxing time, whatever you did (or didn't) do with yourself! ;-)

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