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I was smart; I stopped by Sularpsfarmen yesterday on the way home from work to buy pansies because I knew the weather forecast for the weekend was for nice weather and I knew Flyinge Nursery and Sularpsfarmen would be PACKED today and tomorrow. We've had several days of unbelievably gorgeous weather: 72 and sunny. California weather!

One of the brothers helped me by carrying two bags of dirt to my car and I filled and purchased 2 flats full of pansies to boot. 24 pansies to a flat. I figured that ought to be plenty for my pots, right?


I had to go buy ANOTHER flat today because I used up the first two and still had four pots left to fill. So now, I have 12 pots full of the prettiest pansies; mostly purple-and, but some just purple and some red and some yellow. The purple-and ones are purple-and-white, purple-and-yellow and purple-and-orange. SO pretty!

72 pansies is a lot of pansies. I had to empty all the pots and throw away last year's accumulated old dirt and roots and dead plants first, and then fill them with new dirt and put in the pansies and fill around the edges. Oy my aching back! Actually, my shoulder is really hurting now, so I will have to take a muscle relaxer at some point this evening, I bet.

I have also done three loads of laundry, vacuumed, talked to my mom and been a study aide for Martin. He has two big tests coming up on Monday and Tuesday, and one of them is Biology, and he apparently has to memorize the entire textbook and then repeat it to me to be sure it's stuck. So ask me anything you like about peptides and lipids and hydrophobic molecules.

Mörhippan was here purring her little face off and shedding at a terrific rate. I can actually see hairs flying off her into the air even when no one is touching her; but I just opened the window and she leaped right out with a bound. It's too nice to be inside. Martin and I are going for a walk in just a minute, as soon as I fold the last load and he finishes the chapter he's currently in. He is working on a study schedule of one hour on, 20 minutes off, and has been all day: dedicated!
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Ohh, so lovely - I absolutely love pansies. Really always háve to have some in my garden. I just bought and planted a bunch in the tall planters we have in front of the house. :)

The wind actually blew all the petals off the ones in the backyard pots. OY!

I like the (informal) German name for pansies, Stiefmütterchen, which translates as "little stepmothers". :-)

They are like little faces :)


I always get some pansies about this time of year - they only last until it heats up here - but so happy to see them in the spring. It might be staying warm enough to get them this week. Love, Lizardmom

They only last here until the heat as well, but today is FREEZING and super windy again. All the petals on the pansies in the backyard pots have blown off!!!

From Megsie

I love pansies, with their wide faces all done up! We had snow yesterday, but today it was SUNNY! First real sun all week. I have had a vitamin D deficiency this week.

I love Martin's study skills! Wow. I wish MY students had that much persistence!

Happy Spring!

Re: From Megsie

He said the test today went pretty well, so I guess it worked. He has a math test tomorrow and 2 more big tests next week, oy!

Like everybody else, I love pansies, Liz.
I had a few come back from last year, but they are a bit scraggly. It is time to go buy some new ones, but I will probably wait until my sister is here next weekend. She likes to go to the garden shop with me, plus, I have too many other catching up errands this week after being away. Yes, next weekend must be pansy weekend.
Yours are sure pretty.

We always have a few pop up in the yard here and there. Pot escapees! :D

Wow, seventy two pansies - you don't do things by halves, do you? They really are lovely flowers and so easy to grow that it's always a joy to see them in the nurseries again. I had them last year and they grew really well in the window boxes at the summer cottage, but the ones I planted as a border in the garden got eaten by those pesky Spansk mördarsniglar that seem to stream to my garden after dark.

How lovely that you got some warm, sunny weather. We had sunshine, but unfortunately accompanied by gale force winds. I'm quite over the wind blowing all of the time and would appreciate one sunny, calm day.

What, you think I went a little overboard? :D

There aren't any other early spring flowers I like as much and 12 pots is a LOT to fill. Maybe I should...get rid of some of the pots. Hmmmm...

Pansies are my go-to plant for the Spring. Next weekend is going to be our go-to-the-greenhouse day, to pick out plants for the balcony. :-)

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