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Finally, I'm done with the inventory of my library. I've gone through all the books in the house (that are mine) and checked them against my Excel sheet. It's been a couple of years since I have inventoried my books and since I've done a couple of thorough clean-outs for the annual media sale, and neglected to remove the books I discarded from my list, it was completely out of sync. I need to be better about that.

You know what made it super easy and fast this time? I took photos with my iPad of each shelf and then checked them off the list. Easy-peasy!

What a nerd, eh?

I actually still need to check the books in Martin's room because I know he has a couple of MY children's books stashed in there, but I'll get around to it at some point. Karin cleared out pretty much ALL her books recently, and I got some of my old ones back from her already (Frog & Toad, Toot & Puddle, Little Bear). Even with those additions, I'm still slowly winnowing books from my collection: books I haven't read in years and am certain I won't read again, or books I DO re-read and then decide that, again, I won't ever re-read them.

There are a couple of books missing, loaned to friends and never returned (dammit) and at least two that have disappeared inexplicably that I wouldn't have gotten rid of. What happened to my copies of Zusak's The Book Thief and Bradbury's The Halloween Tree?

According to my file, I have 1718 books, but I know that's not quite accurate. If I add in the other children's books that are stashed in Martin's shelves and the shelf of cookbooks, I probably have at least 30 or so more than that. According to my calculations, I've actually gotten rid of something like 300 books in the last couple of years. They come, they go. I know I need to purge more of the never-read-agains but now I have an up-to-date idea of what I'm up against.

And it never hurts to know exactly what you have on hand when you're looking for something to read and you know that if you kept it, it's because it WAS a good book.
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Woah! That's a lot of books, Liz.
I figure if I hadn't started clearing out books something like 25 years ago, moved a kazillion times, had a huge income change and thus bought scads fewer books, and decided to rely so much more heavily on the library, then I would have been on a similar book owning trajectory.
As it is now though, I only have (this is pure guessing) probably 30 to 50 beloved books, 50 to 70 beloved children's books, and 60 to 70ish cook books.
It takes a lot of room in my little abode for just these. You must have countless book shelves.
There is a sweet little movement over this side of the pond for Little Free Libraries. Did I write about that already a few months back? You could run a Little Free Library with all those books. Ha!

Anyhow, what a job. Hallelujah for technology. Someday I will have to cave and get a smartphone of some sort or an ipad. It sure was good to see little Dylan's face when we talked to him on Brieana's iphone. And photos. Oh my.

You seem to be an accomplisher lately. Good for you!

We have a LOT of bookshelves and a huge house, but I know it's time to start paring down. :)

From Megsie

Wow. So. Organized. I am amazed. I have books EVERYWHERE. I have no idea how many. No. Idea. But I can almost always remember that I have a certain book, IF I have read it. Not that I can always remember what the book is I probably need to purge, but I don't want to. What I would like to begin is a "TO READ" shelf. I have a bunch of books that I have wanted to read in my possessionl, but I haven't yet. I forget about those. I also need to begin a routine so I give myself permission to read what I want every day. I already do that with blogs, because they are so short, I can fool myself into taking the time to read and comment. I still think I need to reserve some time to read books of my own choosing though. I always feel too guilty because I always have grading. Ugh.

Re: From Megsie

I have a "to read" shelf as well... okay, it's a pile on one shelf, but still. That's where I put all the new books I buy. But, I had to clean it out, too...there were books to read there that had been there for YEARS!

Re: From Megsie

Me too. Years. (Ooops.)

Ha, ha Liz, you're a secret librarian at heart. Excel sheets, ipads ... it's all way out of my league.

I'm not as organised as you are, but we do make an attempt to keep our library in some sort of order (although sometimes I can't find something that I KNOW ought to be there). With the free inter-library loan of English books (because I have English as a first language) I've bought less books in the years I have been here, although I do get Kindle copies of things I desperately want to read and are unavailable here (I'm looking at you Australian literary scene!)

haa! I actually considered becoming a librarian. And a bookstore owner. :)

My books database is getting behind again (result of not being able to sit at the computer it lives on, because of the sciatica). I think I'm up to around 5000 titles, and desperately need to weed that down by at least half. So what did I do on Saturday? yeahIboughtanotherbook... *looks guilty*

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