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Around every corner, the fuchsias are glowing. The bird cherries have exploded like white blossom popcorn trees and the magnolias are about to blow. There are little leaves on the lilacs but they're still a couple of weeks away. The thornbush in the back yard has also exploded with starry white blossoms. It's not really a bush anymore; it's nearly a tree. I wonder what it is? Hawthorn? Blackthorn? Judging from what I found online, it is either a blackthorn or a cherry plum. I'll have to pay more attention to the fruit later, but I'm pretty sure it's not a cherry plum. If it IS a blackthorn we could make sloe gin! haha!

The sky has been a clear solid blue the past couple of days. It was warm today, but breezy. I couldn't go walking after lunch though because I just had too much to do, especially after missing half an hour for a useless massage. I try to go every other week and I really didn't want to miss this one, but I COULDN'T BREATHE. All this spring beauty is wasted on the stuffed-up. And trying to relax and get the most out of a massage is completely impossible when you can't breath. Bah. Stupid allergies, begone!

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Wow, spring has certainly sprung in Skåne. The flowers do look like a blackthorn (slånbär), although bird cherry (hägg) also springs to mind. Let's face it, who can tell all these Prunus varieties apart?

We had a glorious day today, which I spent in the garden at the cottage. I arrived home barely able to move, but happy with how everything is shaping up. Fortunately I don't have allergies, but I do feel sympathy for those who do. All of this spring glory and your body lets you down :(

I had no idea there were so many types of similar thornbush-trees before!

There seems to be a billion varieties of every flower. I saw some Veronica (also known as speedwell) that grows wild around here and tried to identify which one it might be. Impossible! I can't see the differences they talk about and I'm not going out with a tape measure and start counting pistils to differentiate between the largely identical 24 species that grow here.


Beautiful photos. Spring is just starting to show here- the daffodill's in the woods (escaped bulbs) are showing some yellow color now and a few crocus have bloomed, and lots of plants are several inches above the ground. Trees have buds - so soon it will really look beautiful here also! Love, Lizardmom

And it's extra super pretty with all your trees!

From Megsie

Today it snowed. Yes, I typed that correctly. None of it gathered on the newly green grass, but still. I also noticed the first bud on the tulips in our front garden, so there is hope for spring. I am back to wearing socks and real shoes. And sweatshirts. With a jacket. The magnolias bloomed last week, but no crab apples or lilacs yet. Leaves are just beginning to come out and we had enough rain last weekend to green up the grass. Good lord, I am ready for warm weather. VERY READY.

Re: From Megsie

It's quite chilly here today and the sky is white with clouds. I would be very upset to have snow this late. I hope you get warm weather SOON.

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