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I don't remember this so clearly from my years in Chicago, but here in Sweden, one really lives after and by the seasons. I find myself looking out for the annual marker of the start of each season and feeling such satisfaction when it's noted.

Spring: pied wagtails
Summer: clouds of gnats hovering in the summer evening air
Fall: sugar beets on the side of the road (fallen off trucks)
Winter: Advent candelabra

Yesterday, I saw my first pied wagtail, so now it's OFFICIALLY spring. The lacy tracery of bright green leaves wasn't enough. The lush pad of fresh grass didn't do it. Daffodils and crocus and snowdrops: just harbingers. It's the Pied Wagtail that officially ushers in the spring.

One week of Anders being gone is done. It's the weekend, and it took forever to get here. Today has been pretty lazy...I haven't done anything of note. Tomorrow I have to get up early and take Karin to an all-day karate judging thing her soccer team is doing (don't ask me, I don't know either) and on Monday, Martin and I have to get up at the crack of yawning to get him to the train station on time. I figure I'll just go on in early to work and leave early too so I can come home and collapse :) It's just me and Karin most of next week and she's never home either, so: house to myself! Yay!

Martin and I are going to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron today, we're leaving in about half an hour. Karin didn't want to go with us; she's hanging out with friends instead. I feel like time is whirling away from me. It's already the end of April. That's CRAZY.
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Apart from the rainy season and the fire season in San Diego, and visiting the local mountains for snow in winter, I didn't observe the seasons much growing up. It was more about holidays to mark the time. But here in Chicago, I do notice those first snow-melts, the grass growing beneath it, the first buds on the trees-- as far as spring goes. And the other seasons' markers as well.

Time moves faster and faster with each passing year. I'm not fond of it.

I probably noticed the spring markers too, even in Chicago, but I find myself really paying attention to, longing for, and celebrating them here :)

This is the first time I've lived in a place with four distinct seasons and like you, I really anticipate them and rejoice when they arrive. And like you I have my nature checklist, plus a sort of "B-list" made up of things like seeing the first person in shorts and crocs :-) I really think I'd miss these seasons if I moved away.

I saw the first person in shorts MONTHS ago. Swedish men are insane.

From Megsie

At least it's not Christmas.

And, I think this is all about age. I was way too busy when I was young to notice things like the buds on the trees. Also, my husband is a notice-r. He has taught me to pay attention and notice subtleties in the world around us. It is one of the greatest gifts that he has given me.

xoxxo Sorry I have been neglecting you. Sooooo Busy!

I've never heard of pied wagtails before, but just the name is enough to make me fall in love with them.

The daffies are blooming over here at last, but everything is late because of The Winter That Would Not End. I'm still waiting on the forsythias...

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