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We're down to half the family this week, though with the amount of time Karin spends away from home, I might as well be living alone. Living da vida loca. Actually, living la vida aburrida, since my life is nowhere near all that crazy.

Martin and I got up at 4:15 a.m. this morning. At least we LOOKED like we were up. We were vertical and moving, albeit slowly and with our eyes squinched shut. I kept waking up all night long, checking the clock, with that fear of sleeping through the alarm that I often get before I'm going to be traveling somewhere, and increasingly angry at my stupid brain because I WAS NOT THE ONE TRAVELING.

We left the house at 5:00 a.m. and our next door neighbor was just walking by with their two dogs. She and her daughter get up super early every morning (their lights went on half an hour after ours did this morning) because they have to go take care of the daughter's 5 or 6 horses, I forget how many, before school. Every day.

We drove to Lund and the light was already quite bright. I dropped Martin at the train station where he was meeting the teachers and the rest of his history class to take the train to Copenhagen airport. Their flight was at 8 but they had to be there quite early to get everyone checked in and get to the gate by 7:35 a.m.

They are going to lots of museums and other important landmarks in Berlin with free time built in as well. One of the choices for the last day was the Checkpoint Charlie Museum which I told Martin he shouldn't miss, even though the wall came down in 1989. I was there before that, when the wall was still up, approximately the same age as Martin is now, and it was fascinating then. I still have the guidebook, in fact, with all its stories of how people escaped from East Berlin. I hope he goes.

Then I went to work, since I was already in Lund, and it seemed stupid to go back home to try and sleep an hour or two before having to come right back. I got to the office at 5:20 but I wasn't the first person there...the cleaning woman was already on our floor. I didn't know they started so early... she must get up at 4-something every single day. Crazy. It was so quiet and peaceful with no one there, and I rocked through a huge pile of stuff.

I took care of several new jobs, sending files, reviewing HTML blasts, finalizing and uploading translated materials, revising a couple of quickscreens and putting together a few adverts. Then I got all the monthly enews prepared and sent to review, which took nearly three hours and by then the office was starting to hum with the daily activity. I went home at 1:30 and collapsed, feeling like a zombie. A 2-hour nap later and I'm feeling at least a little human again, though I doubt it will be hard to get to sleep tonight.

Tomorrow is the AWC meeting, and I have to bring the trampoline with me.

D'oh! I sold the trampoline this weekend to a fellow member, after sending out an email to the club about it. She came, with her husband and three little girls, in a tiny car to pick it up yesterday. I opened the storage room and handed out all the pieces. Piece after piece of long metal poles and short metal poles and curved metal poles and a bag of metal springs and the blue protector pad that goes around the edge and waved them merrily off. A couple of hours later she emailed me to ask if the black mat wasn't supposed to be included?

OMG I was so embarrassed. I gave them the trampoline without the TRAMPOLINE. Those little girls must have been SO disappointed...though it WAS raining so maybe he hadn't actually put it up yet. I went back out to the storage room and found out why I missed it. The mat was folded up, under a stack of beach chairs on a completely different wall section of shelving. Double duh!
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I love the trampoline story but I can top it. I once lent a friend a ridge tent for a weekend away with her young sons & a couple of their friends. Ask me how far through putting the tent up at a camp-site they were, when they realised I had not given them the tent-poles.

LOL!! You're right, that beats my story! :D


I also hope Martin goes to the Checkpoint Charlie museum. I still remember some of the stories too- it was fascinating and eye-opening at the time when life was safe -or so life seemed. The bombing at Ramstein soon after that changed that perspective! Love, Lizardmom

He did go. Apparently it's VERY different now and much, much larger!

I laughed at the trampoline story - I can imagine their faces when they realised that the most important bit was missing. Ha, ha!

I'm like you when I have to get up at a specific time. Evewn though I set the alarm (and a back-up alarm) I STILL keep checking the time several times so I don't oversleep and end up just tired instead.

I do hope Martin has a great trip - it sounds really interesting. And enjoy your time at home in peace and quiet (you'll be counting the minutes until their return!)

He had a good time, very fun and educational, but I am glad to have all my family back home!

From Megsie

Oh, that is hilarious! Nothing to jump on! HA! I would totally do something like that. Sounds like a great day getting all your work done and home early in the day...and a NAP. Oh, I dream of time to NAP. I need one!

Re: From Megsie

I should have had a nap today. More naps!

I like being in the office early (and amazingly enough, it seems to happen a lot these days) -- it's just so peaceful and productive without anyone else there. It's a good thing we have so many windows and the sun comes up so early, though, because I only learned this past week where the light switch was in the office. (The things we take for granted!) I'm going to need a desk lamp for next Winter, methinks.

Yes, but not THAT early! I get in about half an hour before most people normally and that works really well for me. I like being able to leave early because of it :)

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