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I live too far away from my first family.

My husband is gone all week.

I'm in the middle of a class-A freakout about US tax and bank reports.

Yes, again, it happens every year and every year it gets worse.

My boss asked me if I'd like to go to the States for a couple of days but it's right in the middle of the Swedish vacation period and I don't know if we can make it work, and it might be my only chance this year.

Martin and I just had a fight about driving.

We're out of milk.

I have to bake a cake and go grocery shopping and do laundry and drive Karin to a referee job and clean the house, all tomorrow, after work.

20 minutes on the treadmill wasn't enough.

The book I'm reading is really sad.

No one wants to run for the AWC board next year, including me.

The skin of my wrists and ankles has changed. It's making me feel old.

My back itches.

The computer is buzzing REALLY loudly.

No one has bothered to change the burned-out lightbulbs in the bathroom ceiling light in weeks.

I tried to find the scene on YouTube from The Sure Thing where Daphne Zuniga is complaining about everything that's going wrong (I'm starving, my feet are killing me, etc.) and John Cusak says "I swallowed my gum", but I couldn't find it.

There doesn't seem to be any way to get Wonders together any time soon and at least one of them doesn't seem to care.

We can't have a cat.

It's freezing out again and it poured rain today. Where is summer?

I've lost count of how many times I've sneezed and/or blown my nose in the last six months. Kleenex is making a fortune off of me.

The fish are still alive.

My car stinks of gasoline and it's all Karin's fault.

The rose bed in the back of the house is full of cat shit.

There are only 219 shopping days left until Christmas.
mood: aggravated
music: Jess Penner—Bring Me The Sunshine


OH MY! That's quite a list. Hope you can find some positive things. LOVE, Lizardmom

Of course, they're out there, too, but the grump was overpowering that day!

I think you need chocolate. Pronto!

haha! yeah!

*ponders what sort of weirdo person knows that it's 219 shopping days left until Christmas*

Oh Liz, I don't know where to start :( Some of the small everyday aggravations can build up into a huge knot in your tummy if they pile up. Maybe you need a good raving, lunatic like rant at the kids to clear the air.

And the whole AWC thing sounds horrendous - I thought you said you were giving that up about 10 years ago! Let it go.. maybe people are afraid that if the accept responsibility, they may find themselves stuck there for the rest of their life (if your experience is anything to go by). Anything that drains you is not worth the hassle.

Sad books can certainly lower your mood as well. I've just finished reading We Used to Be Kings by Stewart Foster. It's a little difficult to get into initially because of the way it's written and, I confess, I am only guessing what some of it meant - I'm not making this sound very appealing, am I? - but it was well worth it. Apart from the end. I won't tell you what happens, but it's not happy.

That's the second book on the trot that hasn't had a happy ending and the one I'm reading now, Shifting Colours by Fiona Sussman, is excellent but sad, although I do have hopes for a happy ending. I am a glutton for punishment.

I hope you had a brighter day today.

I definitely had a brighter day once I got all this out. Some days just suck and things pile up on each other until they threaten to topple over and bury you.

From Megsie

Is it bad that I love your list? I kind of do...I do that verbally and it makes my kids laugh...and add things on. I hope that today you have found an equally long list of things that make you smile. It is freezing here as well, but the sweaters hide them mid section that is trying to take on a life of its own, so I choose to be grateful for that. Pretty soon, I won't be able to hide in fabric...ugh.

Re: From Megsie

Ha! I totally know what you mean. My midsection needs to move out and get its own apartment.

Re: From Megsie

Oh, that is a FABULOUS idea! My tummy and your midsection can be ROOMMATES!



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