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One good thing about text messages... your words don't bubble into the air and nothingness and then you can photoshop an entire conversation for posterity. Even if posterity is rolling its eyes. Martin sent me a photo of one of his favorite actresses, Sarah Paulson, who is going to be on a spin-off of one of his favorite shows today. He's blue, I'm gray:

mood: amused
music: Robson & Jerome—Unchained Melody


Ha, ha, Liz! The funniest thing I've seen today :-) You are certainly a cut above Martin, who must be feeling wigged out.

Giving you the hairy eyeball. >:D

LOL! Amazing fun! So glad you shared this-- I love it.

Hahaha! I am going to remember "let me mullet over." Surely there will be a great opportunity to drop that into conversation some time.


This made me laugh - glad these interactions are continuing through the next generations! Love, Lizardmom

Oh my goodness. You two are funny.

Thank you for adding highlights to my day! ;-)

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