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Martin: (from the other room) What's a "more"?
Liz: How do you spell it?
Martin: M-O-R-E
Liz: Oh. It's the values or ethical standards of society.
Martin: Like a norm?
Liz: More or less.
Liz: *giggles madly*
Liz: See what I did there?
Martin: *sigh*

It's the last week of school. Both Martin and Karin are done on Friday and summer vacation begins. Remember that feeling? The whole sunny summer stretching out in front of you? Days at the pool, evenings playing blindman's bluff and statues on the lawn, visits to grandparents, freezers full of Fla-Vor-Ice popsicles. Mmmmmm yummy grape freezy pops!

Karin is done with 9th grade, junior high, and will be moving from the school she's been at for 4 years, with all her friends to a new, huge high school in Lund. It's making her sad. Every time she thinks about it or talks about it, she gets all choked up, thinking of how life will be so different without all her friends around her every day. The high school she is going to is HUGE. It's the biggest in Sweden actually and she told us that of the 90 kids in her class, SIXTY of them are going to it. So I think the sadness will abate quickly, don't you? :D

Martin and I just watched the last 2 episodes of Mad Men and I don't know how I feel about it. What a weird ending! I knew about Betty because I read a spoiler weeks ago when the show actually ended, but I didn't know about Peggy & Stan and was a bit boggled, frankly. I was sure Don was going to drive off a cliff in California, a la Thelma and Louise, but no.

Next up: the last season of Glee, and then Outlander, and then Martin wants me to watch Orphan Black with him. That ought to last us nearly the rest of the year...maybe.

I STILL can't breathe. Allergy season is pretty much past and I spend a large majority of each day stuffed up, snucky, sneezing or blowing my nose. It's awful. I guess I need to get in and see a specialist again, but honestly I feel like I have so many things to get fixed on this creaking carcass of mine that I don't know where to begin. *sigh* Aging sucks. I thought about writing a list of all the things wrong with me that I need to do something about, but after about 3 items I was having to add "depressed about this list" to the list.

I only have a week and a half of work left before MY summer vacation starts too, and I really don't feel ready. I still don't know if I'm going to the States for work, and I have a summer worker to train all next week so that's really all I have been able to think about, plus everything I have to get done before I leave. Eek!

This post feels all over the place. I'm going to bed and try to get my brain to stop spinning.
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