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Reading: Re-reading golden oldies...Diana Wynne Jones' YA fantasies. She was amazing.

Listening: The last artists I found and added to my Spotify list are Jess Penner and Natalie Prass. Melodic and delightful!

Thinking: About writing to-do lists, haha!

Smelling: Nothing. I can never smell anything because I am apparently permanently stuffed up. *sigh*

Wishing: The pansies would last even longer but I'm guessing it's about time to start re-potting.

Planning: The things that still need to be taken care of before our trip.

Wearing: Capri pants and no-sleeve shirts (even though it was really too cold for them today).

Loving: That Martin is enjoying watching Outlander with me (despite all the sexy)

Wanting: Motivation. Very low on it lately.

Using: ...up all the rhubarb that my sister-in-law gave us last week. I made Strawberry Rhubarb Slice yesterday, and Anders made rhubarb chutney today!

Feeling: Lethargic. Relaxed. Lazy.

Watching: Outlander, finally!


It's a short week this week...the last of them. And my last week before vacation, to boot. There aren't any more short weeks until...goodness, I just checked the calendar and I don't think there are ANY more this year at all! How depressing! Good thing I have 4 weeks of vacation to help and 2 more that I can take later this year when the lack of short weeks gets to be too much.

Martin and I have been binge-watching Outlander all weekend. I watched the first 8 episodes over Thanksgiving week last year with my mom and sister at my sister's place in Connecticut...and let me tell you, the only thing more embarrassing than watching all the sex scenes with your mom is when YOU are the mom being watched with! Hee! I don't know why I waited so long to watch all the rest of the season; I guess we just had too many other shows to get through first. Martin was pestering me to watch Orphan Black with him, but after 2 episodes of Outlander he was hooked and I haven't heard a word about it since. :D

The summer flowers are starting. Yesterday I suddenly noticed that the top of the willow cone had a whirligig on top of it, and when I went out to investigate I found this:

Total showoff, am I right?

*meme swiped from amerhermitcrab
mood: relaxed
music: Jess Penner—Let Go


OMgosh so pretty! I love how these grow where ever they want to.. and my that looks like it's a huge flower, too? Total show *g* of but totally justified! It's beautiful.

It's huge: dinner plate sized! I've never seen such a giant clematis flower!


That is one serious monster of a bloom!

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