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This is SUCH a relaxing week! I mean, apart from the stuff on my (numerous) to-do lists, I'm doing NEARLY NOTHING.

Like today, for example! NEARLY NOTHING. Only one load of laundry. And wrapping presents. And ironing 2 shirts (I hate ironing, so this was a pat on the back for me). And researching places to go and things to do and see in Prague and Vienna. But that's like it! Apart from reading. I read a lot. And watching 3 episodes of Orphan Black with Martin. And driving to Malmö with Anders to get his car (we're getting another new (to us) car on Thursday!). And making dinner.

On the one list I only have 2 things left to do: finish cleaning the fish tank (Yes. They are STILL alive. *sigh*) and mopping all the floors.

On the other list I still have several things: ask the neighbor kid to mow the lawn while we're gone, call my mom, download books to Kindle and pick audio books for the roadtrip, pay the rest of the bills, try calling the new AWC registers one more time, and buy a new hairdryer.

And then pack, of course.

I have been trying to figure out a good, exciting, GRIPPING book that we can listen to in the car, that will entertain ALL of us.

Requirements: No one can have read it. We all have to want to listen to it. No fantasy or sci-fi (Anders doesn't care for it). Finding something is HAAAARD. Any ideas? So far, my picks include: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Roughing It by Mark Twain, Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson (his books Kidnapped and Treasure Island are also under consideration). Maybe Tarzan?

I've considered a couple of books I HAVE read as well, because I am pretty sure they would be perfect: The Worst Journey in the World by Apsley Cherry-Garrard, or maybe To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. But I really want it to be something that I haven't read either. Send suggestions, STAT!

Karin and I went shopping yesterday. I had a list (of course I had a list). I had to return a present and get a replacement, stop at the pharmacy and find some summer tops for me, preferably sleeveless. I found so many that worked that I went a little overboard and bought SEVEN. Everything was on sale, so score!

Martin and I are halfway through season 2 of Orphan Black. What an EXCELLENT show. It makes my stomach hurt ALL the time, and I love the unpredictability of it, though everyone on the show behaves in completely psychotic ways and Martin keeps telling ME to suspend my disbelief. Ha! The lead actress is, simply, amazing.

The nicest thing about this week is that after our trip I have another one just like it, waiting for me. Yay for vacation!
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