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We didn't give Vienna a chance, really. I don't know if we just weren't in the mood or what. We spent three nights there which equaled 2 full days and we barely scratched the surface. No one wanted to pay the money to go see a concert (and frankly, it was only me that was really interested), and the Spanish Riding School is closed for July (drrr) so no dancing Lippizaner horses for us.

After Prague's lovely candy-colored and Old Europe impression, Vienna struck us as too big, too modern, too OVERDONE, somehow. People there were rude to us for the first time on our journey, which didn't help matters. Our hotel, at least, was lovely, a 2-story room with big windows and wi-fi, in the theater district. The breakfast buffet, which wasn't included, was too dear for our budget though, so we walked several blocks each morning to a café where the price was, if not right, at least more reasonable and the food was delicious and filling.

We actually didn't do much in Vienna, and I'm sure the city has a lot more to offer. We visited the Naschmarkt and St. Stephen's Cathedral, and spent most of one day at the Schönbrunn Palace. Most of the rest of the second day was spent enjoying the cool shade of the Vienna City Park, lunching at a Biergarten where a string quartet was playing and lying on the grass relaxing in the sunshine.

Dried fruit from the Naschmarkt: SO GOOD (mandarin, green apple, strawberry, coconut, watermelon, pineapple and cinnamon apple...YUM!)


Sculpture of Johann Strauss in Vienna's City Park

Karin checking the progress of her tan

Relaxing in the park

Photo credits: Copyright 2015 Anders Ek, Elizabeth Slaughter-Ek

More great photos of Vienna that Martin took
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From Megsie

Your hotel sounds wonderful, and you got some sight-seeing in! The detail pictures of the columns and the gargoyles are so cool, I love gargoyles. I wish I could have some on my house, without it looking weird. Which it would. It would look really weird.

I think it is completely acceptable to spend some vacation time relaxing in the park in the grass. That sounds really nice, as a matter of fact.

Vienna looks cool as well, but I am so sorry people were rude to you. No need for that!

Re: From Megsie

I love gargoyles too. I have a little one that I bought at the Gargoyle shop in Boston years ago, but sadly he's in a drawer these days...need to rectify that!


Especially love the cafe sign!and the details, and Karin in the grass!At least part of your vacation was wonderful Love, Lizardmom

I'm glad we had the roadtrip week would not have been fun to leave John in the hospital and go gallivanting around southern Europe then!

I spent several days in Vienna on my trip way back when and for me the museums and Hundertwasser Haus were the big hit. You would have needed more time for those though. Relaxing in a biergarten sounds pretty great though!

We just weren't in the mood for museums, I don't know why. Partly the cost, I guess. Hopefully, some day I'll be able to give Vienna another chance :)

I was also there in March and it was still chilly and gray for a number of days. Makes a big difference.

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