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We had plans to do a lot more while we were in Croatia, but the heat flattened us. Okay, okay, it flattened ME. I knew it was going to be warm down there...intellectually, but I wasn't really prepared for just how hot and humid it actually was. The day we arrived it was 38 degrees Celsius (damn hot). Barky promptly curled up and died. The other thing that flattened us was my brother's ambulance ride to the hospital during the night of our arrival. I don't think our heart was in Croatia. I know mine wasn't. Maybe someday I'll go back...but not in the middle of July.

We DID do things besides visit John in the hospital. Simone and Karin and the kids went to the beach every day. The beaches around by us were really rocky, as is most of the shoreline of the island of Krk where we were staying. We did a day trip to Plitvice National Park, which is heaven on earth (if heaven was crawling with daytrippers), visited the Biserujka limestone cave in a rocky Adriatic hillside, went to a hard-packed sand beach with "healing" black mud flats that people were slathering themselves in, walked a bit around the town of Krk, and stopped in the ridiculously tiny aquarium, and the last day everyone but Martin (who was also rather flattened) and I went to the beach at Punat, and ...that's about it. We had planned to go see the colosseum in Pula and possibly take a ferry to Split, but between trying to get to the hospital at least every other day and the heat,...yeah, flattened. Still, looking at the photos, we did more than I realized, or at least some of us did :)

Garden of the house we stayed in on Krk

Never too old for walking on rocks

Only worth it for the 15 minutes of cool temperature; the cave was TINY

The littles loved the aquarium/terrarium!

What'choo lookin' at, Lizard?

Just what we needed! The ice cream was DELICIOUS.

Photo credits: Copyright 2015 Anders Ek, Elizabeth Slaughter-Ek

Coming up! Croatia, Part 2: Plitvice National Park
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Love all the photos - it sure looks like a wonderful spot! Love, Lizardmom

The photos are gorgeous -- flattened or no, you took great pictures. :-)

lovely nature!! too bad it has to be that hot.

From Megsie

You have a BEAUTIFUL family! Wow. Now I want ice cream. Yum.

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