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Vacations, for me, aren't just about the places we go and the things we see. They are, in a big way, about the people I am with. Family vacations are the best kind of vacations, where we get to see loved ones that live too far away for frequent contact...and that is pretty much all of my family, except my husband and kids.

So, it was a REAL bummer that John wasn't able to be with us and participate in the week. We had a good time and it was fun, but it would have been so much MORE so if he had been there, too. He's out of the hospital now, hurrah, after a successful procedure yesterday to remove some of the problematic gallstones, enlarge the bile ducts and recover. He'll still have to have his gallbladder out in 4 weeks or so, but the 17-day hospital ordeal is at least over. And now we can start planning to get together again, this time for real...maybe at Christmas!

Photo credits: Copyright 2015 Anders Ek, Elizabeth Slaughter-Ek

And that's the end of the photo-bombing, I promise! :)
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