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The kids and I climbed up the little ladder and the big ladder and effectively emptied the cherry tree tonight before dinner. It was our fourth foray up into the branches and we filled two big bowls, bringing our total of big bowls filled for this harvest to 7! I have no idea how many liters or quarts or pounds of cherries we got, but it was a lot. I brought two big containers into work last week and the five of us who are working snarfed them down. I gave away 2 big bags to neighbors and 1 big bag to my sister-in-law. I decorated Karin's cake with cherries, and still we have a great big bowl to savor before they are all gone for this year.

It's weird, I don't remember EVER eating cherries as a child. I think I thought I didn't like them. I don't remember really liking or eating blueberries or raspberries either...maybe I only thought strawberries were safe? Anyway, I love them all now...but cherries are SO good. At least ours are: tasty and sweet and utterly decadent. Mmmmmm

I went back to work last week and it wasn't as hard as I expected. There are only, as I mentioned, a handful of people in my department at work, and we have to walk over to the other building for breakfast and fika because everything is closed. Last week and this week are dead season here in Sweden: EVERYONE is on vacation. We don't have a a heck of a lot to do,'s just our summer worker (a college student who is helping out) and me on my team, and I need to keep her occupied which means I have to restrain myself from my usual pace or neither one of us will have anything to do after 10 a.m. tomorrow. :D

I can't seem to settle down to read a book lately...I find myself just playing endless, mindless games on the iPad instead. Martin and I are watching Sense8. It's really good but frustrating; you really have to pay attention and there's just so much going on.

There are lots of things rushing about in my head...but I need to start winding down and getting ready for bed. I was up SUPER late both Friday night and last night and I hope it doesn't mean I'll have a hard time falling asleep tonight. I called and talked to my mom this afternoon and then found out my uncle and grandmother were going to be at her house a little later, so I called back just so I could say hi and chat to them for a minute. I was really hoping to talk to my aunt, but she wasn't there, and it bummed me out. She's still in the midst of chemo treatment and things go up and down. My grandmother just celebrated her 99th birthday so I was glad of the chance to say hello to her. 99! Imagine.

We are already starting to think about what to do next sister has told me we need to get planning. Next summer we have the following things to celebrate: Martin graduates high school, Anders & I celebrate our 20 year wedding anniversary, my sister turns 50, my mom turns 75 and my grandma turns 100 !! We need a BIG party to encompass all of that!

It's hard to believe we're heading into the last week of July already. I know I say it every year, but man, time flies. We've already got things on the fall calendar: a crayfish party in early September, the Gothenburg book fair (I'm going to hear Laini Taylor speak!) in late September and Top Hat at the Malmö Opera House in October. It doesn't feel like it's been much of a summer here, though I've heard the weather is supposed to improve in August. I'm not complaining, though...I'm just grateful it's not been boiling hot. People can complain about the weather in Sweden as much as they like...I'm GLAD we live in a cool, northern country. It stormed yesterday and poured rain but today was nice and mostly sunny, if chilly.

Okay, that's enough inanity. Ciao for now!
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From Megsie

YOU GET TO SEE LAINI! I am so jealous! Sarah is reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone right now and I keep peeking to see what is happening. LUCKY YOU!

I go in spurts with reading too, although I have read a few this summer. I just finished Elizabeth Strout's The Burgess Boys. It was really good, and makes you think. I love books like that. I have Go Set a Watchman up next. I also read The House in the Sky this summer, which is still haunting me a little.

Those cherries are beautiful! I am not a fan, but the rest of my family would devour them! How awesome to be able to have a tree of your own. I am jealous about that too.

It does sound like you need to begin planning a party, wow! Next summer is a big celebration!

Love your writing as always...xo

Re: From Megsie

I'm a little star-struck! She's holding two seminars, so a friend and I are planning to go up. The book fair is really fun, but I have never gone to the seminars before.

I don't think I am going to read Go Set a Watchman after everything I've read/heard about it online...I don't want to ruin Mockingbird. I'll be interested to hear what you have to say about it, though!!

You should give cherries another try. The really dark red ones are the best. YUM!

Re: From Megsie

I opened it last night and realized it was about Scout, and now I may have to read To Kill a Mockingbird first. It has been a while. I heard Kari Miller and her round table discussing it (but only a little bit, I was in the car) and it peaked my interest. I will let you know...who knows if it will be before school begins though!

99 and still with it, that's fantastic! Happy birthday to her!

Is this a bumper crop for your cherry trees this? I can't remember you getting such a haul in years past. Very impressive!

Well, still with it to a certain extent :) HER mom lived to be nearly 103, so we shall see! I hope she makes it!

This is about the same amount of cherries that we got last year after starting to put net on the tree. Before that we never had any, because the birds always got them all. The ones we dropped while picking were gone within 20 minutes :)

I don't care for cherries but those look gorgeous! My kiddo would be happy to dive in there, though. :)

You should give them another chance! I'm glad I did! :D

Wow, those are some gorgeous cherries -- my mouth is watering, looking at the pictures! If I had more free time, I would rush home and bake a cherry pie...

More power to your gran! My beloved grandfather made it to 98 1/2, and still had all his marbles -- it's a treasure to have such wonderful elders.

Maybe I'll bake a cherry pie with the last bowl full. YUM!

I only wish I was closer physically...I only see my grandma maybe once every couple of years, and she's not much able to talk on the phone anymore (can't hear well).

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