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I went to the mall this afternoon to check out a couple of opticians...I need to get new glasses, not necessarily because they are no longer good, though they're no longer perfect, but because the frames aren't holding together anymore and the film has worn off the glass in spots on both sides. It's not noticeable when I'm wearing them but I'm sure it's time to consider new ones. The problem is that I really like the style of my eyeglass frames and now I have to find new ones that I like enough to spend a fortune on, because my eyeglasses cost a fortune.

One of my colleagues (who also doesn't have much to do this week, obviously) went with me, and gave me a hard time about the fact that every frame I picked up was basically identical to my current ones. But all the rest were so CLUNKY! So plastic! So BIG AND ROUND. I am not a fan. My face is fat enough without big round glasses making the effect even worse. Will it be weird if I spend a fortune to buy eyeglasses that are essentially an exact replica of the ones I already have? Could this be more of a first-world-problem post?

Liz: *wanders into the playroom and watches Martin play Assassin's Creed for several minutes*
Liz: Man, you spend a lot of energy and time climbing up and over buildings. Why don't you just go around?
Martin: It's Assassin's Creed, not Pedestrian's Creed.

I've been going through my "books to buy" list and deleting lots of titles that I have decided I don't really want after all. My book list was 5 pages of single-spaced, 2-column items. I think I've struck nearly half off and I still have half to go through. Some of the titles I had listed have been on the list for years and years. Some of them had me wondering how the heck they made the list in the first place.

You should see the huge bank of dark blue clouds that are mountaining across the horizon. The very tops of them are glowing white with the sun from behind and there is a tiny patch of light blue high up behind the layers. It's been cold and rainy and windy and everyone here is bitching about the fact that we haven't had any summer weather to speak of. I keep quiet, because I like the fact that it's on the cool side. I like being able to breathe at night. I keep hearing that it's supposed to get warm in August, but by then we'll be sliding into autumn and it won't last long. There was caramel cheesecake at the mall this afternoon, and that just emphasized the season change. Soon it will be maple and pumpkin and gingerbread. And then it will be Christmas cookies!
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