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It was a purely lovely day today, filled with nothing much to do. I realized not so long ago that there are more and more of these "no plans" evenings and weekends happening. I used to be so busy! I remember feeling overwhelmed sometimes with how much I had going on and now there are whole weeks where I have no plans at all. Of course, there are still plenty of weeks where there is something every night, but I think it's evened out quite a lot. And, after all, it IS still summer...the kids have nothing much going on, and most of my friends are out of town or having their own "no plans" weeks.

Martin and I went to the plant nursery today. Flyinge is famous for it, it's a big one and has absolutely everything you could ever need for your yard and garden, and then some. They expanded this spring, and opened a café as well. I hadn't been there yet, though I'd walked through and checked it out. I lure Martin with me on the promise of fika, as I wanted to buy a couple of pretty plants to put in the pots in the back. The pansies in them were the last to go: leggy and spraddling. Now the pots look extra pretty with some succulents and colorful-leafed plants. Renewed!

Anders has fixed up the front yard/garden as well and yesterday we were also at the plant nursery, buying a beautiful peachy yellow-pink rose bush and five blue hostas for the 2 circles he had already prepared. He still has to go back and get lilacs for the side of the garage...hopefully he will do that tomorrow and then we'll be done with the things we wanted to get done this summer in the garden. Although I still want a monkey puzzle tree!

Martin and I have one more episode of Sense8 to watch tonight and then we have NOTHING. All the shows we watch are either over for good (Glee, Mad Men) or not starting until fall or NEXT spring (Downton Abbey, Outlander, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black). I don't know when or if Sense8 will continue; Martin says it hasn't yet been renewed for a second season. I hope it gets renewed, it's excellent.

I can't wait to get Barky renewed as well...my roots are showing like crazy. More than an inch! AAAGH. If I were to let it go, I'd be completely grey. COMPLETELY. I hate this getting old crap (and it doesn't count that I've been grey since forever). I couldn't get in any earlier than next Wednesday because my hairdresser is one of the people who is on vacation. Wednesday I'm also going to get an eye exam (for my old eyes). Gah. Everything is getting old, including this post. Over and out!
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