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We played a game at dinner tonight, one that Martin originally heard via a podcast. It was fun, even if it's all a bunch of hooey, so here it is for you to play along:

Imagine you are facing a desert. A vast, featureless sand ocean.

Now, imagine a cube. Describe your cube. What color is it? What size? What is it made of? Where is it in the desert?

With you in the desert is a horse. What is it doing? What color is it? Does it have a saddle or any other trappings? Where is the horse in relation to you and the cube?

You see a ladder. Describe the ladder. Where is it, what color is it, how many rungs does it have?

There are also flowers in this scene. How many are there? What color? How do they look and where are they?

And finally, a storm is in the desert, which will affect the cube, the horse, the ladder, and the flowers. Describe the storm. Where is it? How does it make you feel?

You can come up with as much detail as you like, but it should be what comes naturally to you.

Put your answers in the comments, and when you're done, you can click any one of these links to see what these things represent!

Answers (including colors)
Another set of answers (again with colors)
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My cube was very small, red plastic with numbered dots on each side: a die! It was also lost somewhere in all that sand.

My horse was actually under me. I was sitting on its back, in a saddle. It was a light golden color and it had red and gold trappings on its reins and bridle.

My ladder was standing straight up on the very top of the tallest sand dune. When Martin asked me how many rungs it had, I said "endless".

My flowers were brightly colored, and smelled delicious. There were lots of them.

The storm was far off on the horizon, just rolling clouds. I felt neutral toward it.

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