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I went to Specsavers yesterday with Karin and looked at frames, and had an eye exam. My eyes have gotten worse in the intervening 6-7 years since I got my current glasses, but not too much and everything looked "good" ...or as good as things can look when you can't see shit without glasses. Specsavers prices are nearly HALF what the other eyeglass places offer. I don't understand how they can stay in business but they must make up for it by getting twice as many customers as everyone else.

Karin kept trying to get me to try different styles, but I didn't like any of them: too round, too big, too plastic, too crazy colored. I found these and will probably get them. I have to go back and actually order the glasses. Not sure if I'll get that done today or tomorrow. They have a deal that is basically "Buy 1 pair, get the second pair nearly free" just pay for the treatment on the glasses which is comparatively little.
red glasses

This isn't the exact photo...I couldn't find the right one. They are similar in style/shape to what I have now, but these have no frame along the bottom edge and the earpieces are fancier, plus they are Flexi.

I found a second pair I liked too:

But now I have to make a decision and I don't know what to do...since I can get a second pair for so little, should I get the gold ones as well as the red ones, or should I get a pair of sunglasses for the second pair, or a pair of "terminal glasses" for use at work when I'm just sitting at my computer all day long? The first pair will be progressive, regardless.

I have a pair of terminal glasses now, that I've had for years and I never use them, so that seems kind of stupid to get another pair. And I rarely wear sunglasses, but it could be because the ones I have are clip-on style that fit over my current glasses (and make them heavier). They're also quite skinny like the glasses they cover, which isn't ideal for sunglasses. Here are the ones I liked best:

So, I have to decide: 2 pairs of progressive glasses in different styles (will I really switch between them?) or 1 pair progressive and 1 pair sunglasses (which can also be progressive for a little extra)? I don't know what to doooooooooo.
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I hate, hate, hate when it's time to get new glasses. It often means changing the look that you've had for the last 2 years or more. Recently I had to order new glasses as my previous ones had damaged lenses and were blurry to look through. I finally found what I wanted thankfully. Anyway I would recommend getting the second pair and choosing sunglasses. A couple of times I've bought glasses when opticians have had 'buy 2 pay for 1' offers on and bought two pairs of regular glasses. I find that I have one favourite pair that I wear all the time and the other pair are left in a cupboard and only worn very occasionally. I wear my sunglasses a lot, it's not just your skin you have to protect against the sun. Good that you've found frames that you like, that's half the battle!

So glad I'm not the only one who hates it when it's time to get new glasses. I'm currently wearing the frame I bought in 2007 and have been able to replace the glass without getting new frames. I hope I'll be able to do that another time though I may have to bite the bullet and actually pick out something new. Thing is, I dislike so many of the current frames (way to trendy and "in your face" lol) so I'm sort of dreading that haha.

I never thought about just replacing the glass. If these frames weren't breaking, I might have tried that!

Yeah, I'm worried about the sturdyness of my current frame myself and am just not sure I can manage another round of fresh glasses in this frame :( But I'm determined to wear it till it falls of my face pretty much lol!

I hate it too, that's why I've waited so long...but I've had these glasses for 6-7 years, and they are breaking, so it's time to do it.

Your point is so valid, and that's what I'm afraid of, that if I get 2 pairs of glasses, one of them will never get used anyway. So sunglasses is probably the better option.

For me the decision would be easy: I'd get one pair of regular and one pir of sunglasses (not sure what it means to be progressive.. are those the kind that have one part for near-sight and one part for far-sight?).

I got myself prescription sunglasses last summer and I have to say .. I love them. I was always fumbling around with a pair of regular sunglasses ON TOP of my glasses and it just.. sucked. And made it to where I'd be embarrased to wear my sunglasses anywhere else but in the car or the privacy of my own garden. I get headaches easily from staring into the sunshine for too long so it's been a blessing to just be able to exchange my regular glasses for my prescription sunglasses and go my merry way.
Now I'm not one to have two pairs of regular glasses anyway.. It would just mean additional anxiety over 'what to wear today' *laughs* - nope I'm fine with just my one. If you do enjoy switching out your glasses depending on your wardrobe, then it may be a different choice:)

Yes, progressive are basically bifocals with no line. I am not a switcher either (as you can tell by the fact that the frames I chose are nearly exact copies of my current ones!)

I am currently too cheap to get myself new contact lenses and am wearing my glasses full-time, which I HATE. It's funny because when I wear contacts full-time, I actually appreciate wearing my glasses. But not having sunglasses is driving me crazy (and giving me headaches) so I vote for one regular pair and one sunglasses.

Do they have specsavers in the States? Because they are crazy cheap!

I don't know, I can Google, I suppose, but I really ought to just go get myself some new contacts. ;-)

From Megsie

I guess I would get the sunglasses as my second pair as well. I ALWAYS have sunglasses on when outside. And they usually stay perched on my head when I am inside.

I have begun my way into the shallow end of glasses. When I was taking my English course this spring I had SO MUCH reading to do that my eyes couldn't take it. I had to use cheaters. It got so that I am turning into my mom. I needed one pair of cheaters by my bed, one by the chair where I work, and one in my purse--in case I was working on the run. Sigh. Old age is upon me. I have not needed any glasses for real yet, but it must be on the horizon.

I am at work "cleaning my office" right now. I just read June and now I REALLY need to begin!

Re: From Megsie

School starts after next week for my kids...I cannot believe that fall is nearly here!

I've recently changed frames after 7/8 years. I think I have bought the frames that have been all the rage for 5/6 years and are about to look ridiculously dated, but they were expensive so that's what I'll be waking up to and taking off at bedtime till I'm at least 55... Thank goodness I still wear contacts during the day!
I have a daughter who is working at Specsavers to fulfil the criteria of her optics course... Ironically once she has qualified she'll be eligible for free laser eye surgery by Specsavers!!

I didn't know Specsavers did laser eye surgery. One of my colleagues had it done some years ago and she was recently describing it to us, at lunch, in minute detail: shudders!!


definitely get the sunglasses- you'll be thankful! I always wear mine -and have for years -they protect your eyes from more damage! Love, Lizardmom

I recently got new glasses, and have been wearing my old frames more often...

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Flexi are awesome -- I love mine.

What did you wind up doing? (I would have gone for the sunglasses.)

I did get the red flexi ones and the sunglasses. Picking them up next week!

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