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It's been beautiful all weekend, but I sure haven't done much with it. I've mostly been a slug, though I have done the minimum weekend cleaning, and laundry (always, laundry) that is required.

Friday night was fun...I was invited to the home of a colleague and friend. She's English, and had also invited the other 2 Americans on my team, and another colleague who is Swedish but married to an American, and another friend who she is very good friends with that I haven't seen in ages. So it was a very fun, very English-filled evening. She's a fantastic cook and made a lovely gourmet meal including Beef Wellington and a multi-layered meringue cake with chocolate and strawberries.

Everyone else was drinking except me, as per usual, and they were hilarious. The only problem was that we kept breaking into smaller conversations between 2 people and with 3 of those going at once, it was hard to keep up with what everyone was talking about. I hope we continue to meet...I suppose I can be the one to offer to host next time! Especially since Wonders seems to be pretty defunct at the moment.

I have a busy week coming up...picking up my glasses tomorrow, and the first monthly meeting for the new AWC season on Tuesday which I am running because the President is sick. There's a lot to cover and a lot of decisions to be made, but I might have found us 2 people to be co-treasurers so I'm pretty happy about that. Still no one to take MY job, but I am fairly resigned to it at this point. Wednesday I have to figure out how to get my old Axis bike to Lund as I'm selling it to someone who wants it sight unseen (or at least she's seen a photo). Thursday is book group, and next weekend Anders is leaving for a 2-week business trip.

I hope everyone out there is enjoying a nice, relaxing, sunny weekend!
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