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I knew I was living in a blur, a fuzz, a near clear facsimile of vision, but I had no idea how bad it really was until today when I got my new glasses. I feel like I should look different, because now I look differently. Everything is so crisp and clear and readable. Even the tiniest, smallest print. Why did I wait so long??

For the first 20 minutes or so, I was a bit bothered by the subtle blur at the very corners of my peripheral vision; the edges of the glasses on either side of my face, since they are very slightly wider than my old glasses. But after working all afternoon in them, driving to pick up Martin and home, and the hours in between then and now, they feel like they're just an extension of my actual (blurry stupid old) eyes.

No more asking my kids to read things for me! No more turning up the font size on my Kindle from large to humongous! No more putting my book down because it is too much of a strain to read! *happy dance*

Twice now, on the way to work, I have seen a line of storks in the fields (though think how much better I would have seen them NOW). The fields are all cropped. The amber waves of grain reduced to golden stalks and stubble. I would stop and try to photograph the storks but I know better; I've tried that before and they all just take off, flapping their ungainly spindle-legged way into the sky. So I speed by and think "Storks!" to myself. I'm a dork for storks.

This morning before work, Martin had a freakout in the kitchen and when I came in to see what the matter was, he pointed up at the ceiling above the windows where a GIGANTIC green grasshopper was resting, legs splayed, above the curtains. It was like we were suddenly in a giant peach; he was that big. No one wanted to even make a try to removing him...have you seen those things jump? So we left him where he was and went off to our various destinations. He was gone when we came home and despite a rather desultory search, there was no sign of him...until Anders got home and then suddenly there he was again, in nearly the same spot he'd been in this morning.

Anders, being the excellent Scout that he is, immediately went to the cupboard and got the critter net-with-a-handle and corralled him handily. He's outside now, where he can leap to his heart's content. The weird thing is that this was my THIRD grasshopper encounter in about as many days. There was a small, pale green, lacy-winged grasshopper on the car when I went to get Martin (he was on the trunk; I saw it when I went to put the "övningskör" sticker on the back of the car), and this past weekend there was another, small, beigy-green hopper in the living room! Are they harbingers? Is there a plague of locusts pending?
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