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Two song lyric bits I've had stuck in my head today, that I'm writing down here in the hopes they will go away or at least go bother someone ELSE for awhile:

I'm looking over my dead dog Rover that I overran with the mower!
I don't know why she swallowed a flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, perhaps she'll die!

So much for lying around the house like a luxury housewife with two small servants. Forgot I had an ad to send in today, so had to zoom into work at 11:30 to deal with it. Afterwards the kids and I picked up FIVE big boxes full of Christmas loot from the PO and then, because they were being so good, we went to McDonald's for lunch. That's right. I reward my children's behavior with FATTY FAST FOOD! what a mom, eh? While I was ordering they decided which Happy Meal toys they wanted. Martin chose a big-eyed, fat round little Japanese hamster with blue bows in its ears named Hamtaro, which I assume is the next followup to the Pokémon craze, and Karin chose a transformer robot/car. What is wrong with this picture? :P

One of the boxes contained Martin's birthday presents from my sister, and guess what one of them was?! Instant regression for me, that's what: SPIROGRAPH!
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music: And So Are You—Rain Muzak


Nothing is wrong whit that picture. You have two lovely kids.

I know :) It just cracks me up because every single time, Martin wants the "girl" toy and Karin wants the "boy" toy :)

Oh yeah...I've seen Hamtaro on TV. very cute, actually, in kind of a strange way. There's a whole family of Hamsters


I don't have any idea what they do. They're just cute, as far as I know. OH! And they belong to a girl.

Okay, for that I give you back "On top of spaghetti ....."

wimpy try. that won't stick. Back at'cha: HEY Mambo! Mambo Italiano!

Liz, liz bo biz, banana-bana-bo-biz, fi fi fo fiz, Liz!

Liz, bo-biz
LIZ! :)

hahaha! I never heard THAT variant before! :)

Must be an Oregon thing. hehe

I love spirograph!! I want spirograph!! hahaha

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