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I've been rather neglectful of my online life, but I've been so BUSY. Work is back to crazy-level, and we just moved offices. Our new space is really big and full of space and light and we are all pleased with it. The only bummer is that only a few of our teams are left from Corporate Marketing on our floor. All the rest of our department has moved across the street. I haven't even been over there yet to check it out; will have to make time for that ASAP.

Anders is in Italy for 2 weeks...well, it's already nearly halfway over, but it feels like forever. We got the news the day before he left that his cousin passed away unexpectedly. He had a heart condition, but was only 62 and I was sad to hear it. The funeral is next Friday, right after Anders gets back. :(

I've been involved in the new upgrades to the AWC site for the past couple of weeks, working with my friends Kathey and Russell, who have been doing all kinds of fantastic upgrade work to our database, our security system and making several of the pages into content management systems so that, in Russell's word, "if we get hit by a bus tomorrow", other people will be able to update the website without needing us. SO AWESOME and so much less work for me in several places. I am very happy about it. Geek! It went live yesterday and I used two of the new functions already today and they made things SO easy. I still have a lot of work to do to get everything up-to-date so all the info that we had to manually code before is input and displays correctly, but going forward it will be a breeze. Yay!

The other reason I've been busy is because I just got a new iPhone for work. I spent a great deal of yesterday evening configuring and setting it up, but I still have to figure out how to get my ringtone on it (Baby, Now That I've Found You by The Foundations) and also figure out why I can't search in the App Store. It's so BIG compared to my old iPhone 4S, and now I have the newest, coolest phone in the house and my kids are SUPER-ENVIOUS. Muahahaha!

Tomorrow is an AWC sushi night (both kids are going with me). Saturday is a crayfish party with our Swedish friends (both kids are going with me) (2 nights in a row, out with mom!) (unprecedented!) and Sunday will need to be cleaning, cleaning, laundry, nagging Martin to get his paper handed in and get him started on studying for the SAT test he is signed up to take in 2 months.

There's more, but I forget what.
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